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Russian Army It strikes 480 kilometers ahead “This is hell,” said the governor of the Lugansk region in its Donbass attack on eastern Ukraine. The second phase of the special operation has begunForeign Minister Lavrov says he will not allow Russia to use nuclear weapons. Moscow issues final warning to Mariupol steel plant, “Put your arms down.” As for the Kremlin, the West is doing everything it can to prolong the conflict. On the diplomatic front, the White House announced the US President this afternoon Biden will conduct the video call The Ukrainian crisis with its allies and partners. No exit routes Due to the lack of agreement with the Russian side, it is planned for the public today in Ukraine, and it is the third day in a row. Beijing: ‘China will continue to enhance strategic coordination with Russia regardless of international disparities’

Ultimatum at Mariupol Steel Mill – The Russian Defense Ministry is urging the Ukrainian army to surrender by noon, which has been blocked at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. This was stated by the Russian company Interfox. “This meaningless protest is enough”, “Lay down your arms”, this is the appeal launched by Russia AFP reports.

The attack on the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol was launched by Russian special teams. Edward Pazurin, a representative of the Donetsk People’s Fighters, said on the Rossiya 24 television channel announced by the Russian news agency Rhea Novosti. The militant’s representative denied that civilians were hiding in the steel plant.

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Instead of the Telegram, Port City City Council, at least 1,000 civilians are hiding in shelters under the Assault steel plant, mostly children and elderly women. Mayor Vadim Poichenko said about 40,000 civilians had been “forcibly deported” from the city to Russia or to Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine. “Numbers verified by the municipal register,” the mayor explained.

A video showing Ukrainian women and children taking refuge in the basement of the Azovstal steel plant in the besieged port city of Mariupol was released by the Nationalist Azov Battalion in a telegram last night. CNN News has published. Regiment Commander Lt. Col. Denis Prokopenko also said that Russian forces had opened fire on the plant. The steel plant is one of the last areas under Ukrainian control in the city.

164,000 children came to Russia – “Since February, nearly 880,000 people, including 164,000 children, have come to Russia from the self – proclaimed republics of Ukraine and Donbass. Nearly 18,000 in the last 24 hours. 713,000 were deported from Donbass to Russia, the rest from Ukraine. “

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Macron: I will return to Kiev – French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking to the TV channel France5, responded to those who asked him why he did not follow the example of other European leaders. “I will come back, but bring something useful: I do not have to go there to show my support. If I go to Kiev, it must make a difference,” Macron said. Vladimir Putin has not spoken to the Russian president again since the massacre was discovered in Pucha and other Ukrainian cities.

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5,000 refugees in the United States Meanwhile, US officials say the number of Ukrainian refugees in the United States has risen to 5,000 since the start of the war. Most of them entered the United States through various programs launched to welcome refugees fleeing Russian occupation. For those staying in Ukraine, UNICEF raises the alarm for water: more than 4.6 million people have limited access to this primary commodity due to the war, and more than six million people are fighting for water every day. Access to drinking water.

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