Ukraine, live. Missiles fired at Kiev during Guterres’ arrival. Usage: Russian troops leave Mariupol

Two big bombs Kiev Like the UN Secretary General, Antonio GuterresHe has been reviewing the meetings with the Russian President Vladimir Putin And with the Ukrainians Volodymyr Zhelensky. “The attack on the capital shocked me,” he says, as a black cloud of smoke appears in the distance. Guterres speaks with reporters along with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his words are not comforting: the UN Security Council has failed to “prevent and end war”. The United Nations failed in the conflict in Ukraine. “We can hold all the meetings, but this will not end the war – he explains – in Putin’s principle.


Saving plant protesters in Tiyagi is the key word. Guterres said talks were ongoing between UN officials and the Russian Defense Ministry to finalize the details precisely, and that there were contacts with the government in Kiev to “find a solution”. Zelensky “calls on the UN to take action to prevent the deportation of Ukrainians to Russia.

Unexpected bombings in the capital were condemned by a tweet from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba while a UN envoy was in the city. “Russia – he writes – UN Secretary-General and Bulgarian Prime Minister Grill Petkov’s Kiev was hit by ship missiles during his visit to the capital. Troops attacked a residential building, but above all they chose the area closest to the British embassy.The most difficult Zhelensky: “Five missiles. It talks about Russia’s real attitude towards global institutions, the Russian leadership’s attempts to humiliate the United Nations, and everything that the organization stands for. So we need an appropriate and powerful answer.
Therefore, the war continues to be fought on many fronts. But if the Kremlin troops send a series of signals against the capital, the real attack is on eastern and southern Ukraine. Russia is accelerating. “The enemy – confirms the Ukrainian military command – is increasing the number of attacks and strikes in every direction.” Heavy explosions were also heard in Odessa. And for the Kiev authorities, the main focus of the attack was on the strategic highway connecting the cities of Slobodansk and Donetsk, the second largest city in Ukraine, Kharkiv, and the Russian-occupied city of Issium. The Kharkiv regional governor says Ukrainian troops are maintaining their position despite the intensification of the Moscow attacks.

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At this hour, according to a reconstruction by a senior U.S. security official, an unspecified number of Russian troops are moving from Mariupol – where a military field hospital inside the steel plant was attacked by the dead and wounded – and even to the northwest, fighting continues in the Ukrainian port city. Moscow’s troops also seem to have the upper hand on the front of the Donbass. Progress has been “slow and inconsistent”, partly due to Ukrainian opposition and continuing logistical problems. But U.S. security sources say Putin’s forces are advancing. It’s going to be a long war – they explain – and it’s going to last a long time. Local Ukrainian authorities have denounced the Russian occupiers for aiming to institutionalize their presence in the occupied territories. In Kherson (south), it was announced that the region will switch to the use of the Russian currency ruble from May 1, with the Ukrainian hryvnia also allowed a four-month change. In Mariupol, on the other hand, they claim that the city’s self-proclaimed pro-Russian mayor will become part of Russia’s Rostov region. The exchange of allegations of atrocities between Moscow and Washington continues: The United States condemns the availability of “credible information” about “executions, torture and sexual violence of handcuffed persons” in Donetsk. As always in this war, Moscow talks about the discovery of a “Ukrainian torture center” in Mariupol.

Prior to the meeting with President Zelensky, Guterres visited various centers in the Kiev region, where, following the withdrawal of the Russians, the Ukrainians condemned the atrocities of the occupying troops. “When I see these buildings destroyed by the war, I imagine my family, my granddaughter panicking and running. This devastation is unacceptable in the 21st century, ”he declared on the main street of Borodianka, pausing in front of five partially collapsed and burned 10-storey buildings.

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Meanwhile, the Bundestag – with a majority and opposition vote – has agreed to supply heavy weapons to Kiev, while British Defense Minister Ben Wallace has promised that the United Kingdom will soon supply long-range primrose missiles. -shore, but specific “anti-ship” batteries. Wallace dismissed Russian allegations of NATO involvement in the conflict, arguing that London was supplying arms “like any other 40 countries under bilateral agreements.” But a Kremlin spokesman insists: China’s condemnation of arms shipments to Ukraine is a “threat to Europe’s security,” not only in the North Atlantic, but also in the Asia-Pacific region. , Which in recent years has returned to “show its power and provoke conflict.”
However, Germany did not want to take part in the war by supplying arms, but could not leave Ukraine vulnerable to Russian aggression, for which reason the Bundestag ordered the government to “continue to provide Ukraine with appropriate equipment” and expedite it as much as possible. It and, among these, the deployment of heavy weapons and sophisticated systems, expanding triangular agreements “, however, without compromising NATO’s German defense capabilities, expanding its participation in the defense of the East, especially the Baltic states, and even with other troops and vehicles.” In which all the states guarantee the ambiguity of the borders.

Also in Italy yesterday, Ukraine was granted permission to supply a second batch of weapons. Order signed by Defense Minister Curini with de Mayo (foreign) and Franco (economics) – published in the Official Gazette. The list is confidential, but Kurini told Gopacheer about it during a two-hour hearing. Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, Milan anti-tank missiles, 120mm motors, heavy and light machine guns, bulletproof vests, helmets, ration k. , A large quantity of ammunition and ammunition. The two-month war put pressure on the equipment of the affected country: hence the need for replacement. The potential leap in the quality of the material to be replaced – for example, heavy vehicles such as the M109 self-propelled cannon, M113 tracked vehicles and lightweight Linz armored vehicles – will then be evaluated and ultimately an object. Order between Ministries.

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An intelligence operation is underway by security personnel, but political assessments are also in the hands of Prime Minister Mario Draghi following the outcry of M5s leader Giuseppe Conte. From the United States, US President Joe Biden reiterated: “As long as attacks and atrocities continue, we will continue to assist Ukraine in defending itself from Russian aggression by sending other weapons and new aid.”

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