Ukraine-Russia crisis, NATO’s latest attempt to avoid conflict: “A proposal in Moscow over the weekend”

Tensions are rising in the situation in Ukraine and diplomatic efforts are being intensified by the hour to identify cost-effective solutions to the crisis. With Russia launching some tank-filled exercises in Crimea, the EU promises “massive sanctions” if Moscow finally launches an attack. “If Russia invades Ukraine, it will have huge consequences,” he said. Joe Biden At the same time it reminded all international audiences that it was “the greatest invasion since World War II.” For now, the United States has said it is ready to add sanctions on exports of high-tech goods to sanctions against Russia.

Meanwhile The Then In the evening he announced that he would “send a formal written proposal” to Russia this weekend regarding demands for Moscow’s security guarantees. Let it know during an interview Cnn, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg himself highlighted that this was another diplomatic move aimed at “finding a way out” of the Ukrainian crisis. “We are ready to sit at the table and listen to Russia’s concerns – his words – but we are not ready to compromise on our policies.” Kiev’s defense minister, Alexei Resnikov, is trying to reduce the range of tones: “Currently there is no threat of invasion”. But at the same time the Kiev government made it clear that they had A “crime group” was removed Supported by Russia “According to the revelations, it is preparing for an attack.

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