Ukraine-Russia, head 007 Kiev: “Putin is ill, conspiracy is going on”

Vladimir Putin is “in a very bad psychological and physical condition and is seriously ill” with cancer and other diseases. This was stated by Major General Girillo Budanov, the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence, in an interview with Regarding the Ukraine-Russia war, the general said that the military offensive against Moscow was going very well, reaching a turning point in mid-August and ending by the end of the year.

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“The turning point will come in the second half of August. Most fighting will end by the end of this year. As a result, we will renew Ukrainian power in all lost territories, including Donbass and Crimea.”

“This will eventually lead to a change of leadership in the Russian Federation. The process has already begun and they are moving in that direction,” he said. When asked if there was already a coup going on, he replied: “Yes”. “They are moving like this, it is impossible to stop,” said the Ukrainian general.

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