Ukraine – Russia, news of war today. Kiev: “We are losing in Donbass”

The war continues for the 107th day in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke by phone with Eysée leader Emmanuel Macron to coordinate Ukraine’s approach to the EU.

War Ukraine – Russia, Beyond Live: What you need to know today

09.42 Kiev: All Russian factions refuse to fight

According to the Ukrainians, “the entire infantry division of the Russian army refuses to fight, following a record number of casualties.” This is what the aforementioned civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces say in its morning press release. In particular, write the country’s army in battle, “Russian unit in the Kharkov region”, whose capital is the second largest city.Ukraine, “Refuses to fight”. “In the early hours of June 10, all members of the Russian motorized infantry of the First Army refused to fight after heavy casualties in the Kharkov region,” the Kiev military said.

09.07 Five civilians were killed in the Kharkiv bombing

In the city of KharkivUkraine Five civilians were killed and at least 14 were injured in what became known as the Cold War, according to CNN. “The enemy attacked the Kharkiv region, especially the settlements in the north and northeast,” he said, adding that the attacks hit residential buildings in Zolochiv and that the Ukrainian armed forces “maintain their positions in the north and northeast”.

08.35 Kiev: 263 children were killed during the invasion

263 children were killed Ukraine 491 people have been injured since the Russian invasion of the country. The Ukrainian Attorney General’s Office announced that the highest number of victims were registered in Donetsk, Kiev, Kharkiv and Chernivtsi. The bombing of Ukrainian cities and villages by Russian armed forces – the note adds – damaged 1,971 educational institutions, 194 of which were completely destroyed.

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07.40 Uk Intelligence: “Moscow fights to ensure primary services to the public”

“Russia has been struggling to provide basic public services to the people in the occupied territories. Access to clean water has been inconsistent, while telephone and Internet services continue to be severely disrupted.” This is what the British intelligence service says in its daily bulletin on the situation in Ukraine.

07.36 Intelligence UK: “Drug Emergencies in Kerson and Cholera Risks in Mariupol”

British intelligence raises its daily bulletin on the situation in Ukraine, warning of the health conditions of two cities devastated by the war. There is an emergency due to the shortage of medicines in Kerson, while there is a risk of cholera outbreak in Mariupol.

07.30 Kiev: “We are losing the front line. The West will give us other weapons”

Vadim Skipitsky, deputy head of Ukrainian military intelligence, said that Ukraine was being defeated on the front lines by Russia and that it depended on Western weapons to stop Russia: “This is an artillery war now. , “He told the Guardian.

06.32 Canada freezes assets of Russian citizens for 91 million

Canada, which has banned transactions worth about 21 214 million from the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine until the 17th century, has frozen assets equivalent to approximately மில்லியன் 91 million belonging to authorized Russian citizens. Its website.

06.20 Zhelensky: “Our troops are stationed in Chevroletonetsk”

President Volodymyr Zhelensky has said that Ukrainian forces are “capturing” the eastern city of Severdonetsk, where fierce fighting is taking place with Russian troops, which could determine the fate of the Donbass region. According to the Ukrainian president, “many cities in Donbass, which the occupiers now regard as key targets, are opposed.” Zhelensky also spoke of the positive developments in the Zaborizhia and Kharkiv regions, where Ukrainian forces are in the process of “liberating our land.”

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05.28 The media can send more guns to France Kiev

France could double the supply of Caesar rifles to Ukraine: Paris has already delivered the rivers in April and will be shipped by the end of several months. Television broadcaster Europa 1 reports this without quoting sources. The official announcement, he pointed out, may come with Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Kiev, which was closely scrutinized by the President’s entourage.

04.43 White House: “Agreement between Biden and Bolzano to coordinate UN Security Council in Ukraine”

The US President and the President of Brazil met for the first time on the last day of the US Summit in Los Angeles, USA. The Ukrainian crisis is also one of the topics addressed

03.49 Kiev, Russians withdraw Buryat troops from Severdonetsk

The Russians withdrew the remaining Buryat troops from Severdonetsk because they were significantly weaker than the Ukrainian forces: Sergei Kaitoy, head of the military administration in the Lukansk region, refers to the race of militants from the area where the Russian battalion was located. The Far East, where Pucha is said to have carried out the massacre. Ukrainskaya Pravda reports this.
“They are falling like flies. Unable to withstand the fighting with the Ukrainian guards, the Russians withdrew the remaining Buryat troops from Severdonetsk,” Gaidoi said. According to the official, Russian forces are firing indiscriminately at the nearby Lysyansk with large-scale weapons that can penetrate the concrete. For this reason, he explained, residents of Lyciansank are in great danger, even in shelters

03.07 In Kiev, 6 civilians were killed in a bombing on the Dnipropetrovsk

Russian bombings in Zelenodolsk and Shyrokiv villages (south) in the Dnipropetrovsk region have killed six civilians: the governor of the region Valentyn Reznichenko, according to Kyiv Independent News. In addition, 179 homes, two schools, a kindergarten and a hospital were destroyed or damaged.


03.02 Senate Foreign Commission for Finland and Sweden in NATO

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution calling on NATO to include Finland and Sweden in an alliance soon, in line with the bilateral agreement against Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. The resolution must now be approved by the Senate, where it will be given the green light with two-thirds of the vote

02.10 Moscow: ‘Special operation continues as planned’

Moscow’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzia said that Russia was developing Ukraine in the first place.
Interviewed BBCReports Tax, The Russian embassy official stressed, “No one has promised to complete this operation in three or seven days. Some experts say:” The Russian special operation has now stalled and is not going as fast as initially expected. But progress is ongoing. This is clear. “” One of the reasons for the so-called slow pace is that we did not target civilian infrastructure, “Nebenzia later explained:” Troops only attack military targets, and it takes time. “

01.02 Zelensky to Macron: “We are coordinating the entry into the EU”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky and President of France Emmanuel Macron discussed the humanitarian and military support for Ukraine over the phone. Zelensky announced this in a tweet, saying that “Ukraine’s attitude towards the EU is particularly focused and we are coordinating actions.” Zhelensky added that he had provoked military assistance, including “heavy weapons” with Macron. Paris confirmed the phone call between the two leaders and said Macron would ask his Ukrainian representative about his needs in terms of military equipment and humanitarian assistance.

00.30 Zhelensky signs the embargo on sanctions against Putin

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zhelensky has signed a decree imposing sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and 35 senior Russian officials, including freezing assets and travel bans. Among them are Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

00.15 Kiev: 2-3 major EU countries do not want to go to Ukraine

“There are various plans within the EU, but in reality three major countries do not want to give the green light to Ukraine today. And two countries are actively trying to promote alternative ideas.” According to reports from Radio Svoboda, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European Cooperation Olga Stefanishina is seeking to clear the air of suspicions about Kiev’s candidacy for membership in Brussels. The Deputy Prime Minister did not want to answer the question of which countries these were, because “this would damage the path”, but said “certainly” that there were “no EU leaders” at the European Council on June 24. Ukraine can say no. “

00.01 African Union Appeal: Demining Odessa Port or Famine in Africa

The Senegalese president also called for demining in the Ukrainian port of Odessa to allow the export of grain to the current ‘number one’ in the African Union, and said he had received assurances from Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin. The Russians would not attack that area. He told France 24 and RFI in an interview that if grain exports did not resume, Africa would be in “the worst famine possible destabilization of the continent.” The African continent is heavily dependent on Ukrainian and Russian grain imports and their fertilizers for agriculture.

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