Ukraine – Russia, news of war today. Ukrainians retreat in Severodonetsk

In the morning, the Lukansk governor made a dramatic announcement of the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops, which are in danger of being rounded up in the Chevroletonetsk, and towards the fortified positions. The move effectively paves the way for the Russian military to take control of the main city of Donbass.

At night, it was confirmed that the United States would send another 450 million weapons to Kiev, including missile systems: the White House announced this, confirming media predictions.

The President of Ukraine Zelensky welcomed the decision of the EU Council to give the green light to the nominations of Ukraine and Moldova as members of the Union: “One of the most important decisions for Ukraine in 30 years of independence of our state”.

Europe’s significant move towards Ukraine and the supply of new US arms to Kiev have been read by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as confirming Ukraine’s dependence on the West and the loss of its sovereignty. “Western powers will not allow you to return to the negotiating table,” he said.

Tensions continue around the Russian excavations at Kaliningrad. Moscow accuses Washington: “The siege was ordered by the United States”.

War Ukraine – Russia: What you need to know

Russia, Zakharova: “Impossible consultations with the United States on irritating issues”

Russia believes it is not possible to hold future bilateral consultations with the United States on matters of concern: a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Maria Zakarova. Toss reports. “The Russian side believes that it is objectively impossible to hold Russian-US expert consultations on bilateral ‘irritation’ (issues) planned for the future, especially Washington, which has multiplied this ‘irritation’ by its practices,” Zakarova wrote in an article. The comment was posted on the ministry’s website.

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Moscow: “US-ordered siege of Kaliningrad”

Prohibition on carrying certain items to the area Kaliningrad Launched by Lithuania “It was clearly introduced under US mandate”. This was stated by the Russian Foreign Ministry, according to Rhea Novosti.

Germany suspends gas supply to Russia

The gas supply to Russia can be stopped completely Germany. The warning comes from Klaus Mல்லller, head of the Berlin Federal Network Agency, which regulates essential services, including gas supplies. “It can’t be ruled out,” he said, adding that various scenarios have been inferred. “Most of these are not positive, from the lack of adequate gas at the end of the winter to the already very difficult conditions in the fall or winter,” M முller said.

Ukraine, Russian executive “killed in Gersen attack”

An official of the new administration established by the Russians in Gershon was killed in an attack. This was reported by the Ria Novosti agency, according to which local authorities are talking about a “terrorist attack”.

Governor of Ukraine, Chernivtsi: “New bombings on the border at night”

New bombs exploded last night on the Russian border in the Chernihiv region of northeastern Ukraine. The governor announces in a telegram Vyacheslav Sauce. In particular, there are “five grenade launchers near Senkivka on the Russian border and twenty mortar shells near Semenivka”.

Ukraine, UK intelligence: “Russian air traffic is in trouble, use Wagner mercenaries”

British intelligence believes Russia is using mercenary pilots from a private military company Wagner Because it does not have properly trained personnel and is facing war losses in the war with Ukraine. The Ukrainian military has captured the pilot of a Russian Su-25 fighter jet that was shot down on June 17, according to intelligence sources from the UK Ministry of Defense. The pilot admitted that he was a former major in the Russian Air Force, and he got a job as a military mercenary for the Wagner Group.

Governor of Ukraine, Severdonetsk: “Ukrainian army ordered to withdraw to further strengthened positions”

The Ukrainian army was ordered to leave Chevrodonetsk In more reinforced positions. This was stated by Serhiy Haidai, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, according to a report by the Ukrainian agency Interfax. “Now the situation in which troops find themselves – Haidoi Independent Television – has been in a state of disrepair for months, and there is no point in being there. The death toll in unsafe areas may increase every day.

The number of children killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict has risen to 338

So far 338 children have been killed in Russia since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year February 24. 610 people were injured. The Ukrainian Attorney General’s Office announced that the highest number of victims were registered in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kiev and Chernivtsi.

Russia, Peskov: “We are committed to Kaliningrad, but not to make hasty decisions”

“There is no need to race here, at the same time we are determined.” So the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, in TASS, about the Kaliningrad transport block. But he clarified that “some decisions will take some time to be made”. “We are analyzing this situation very seriously,” Peskov assured: “In this situation, we are absolutely right.”


Governor: “Troops leave Chevrolet Donetsk”

“Ukrainian troops must leave Severodonetsk, there is an order to do so”. This was announced by Sergei Guido, head of the Lukansk Regional Military Administration, Ukraine24.
“There is no point in staying there, the death toll is rising and they will move to new fortified levels,” Kaidoi explained.

Mariupol Meyer: Epidemic disaster in the city

Mariupol “is on the brink of an epidemic disaster”. This was stated by Mayor Vadym Boychenko, according to Kyviv Independent News. In the city, infectious diseases, including deadly viruses such as cholera and diarrhea, are already spreading. The municipality of Mariupol said 9,000 tons of waste had occupied the streets and that Mariupol was now a “real ghetto” and that sanitary conditions there were endangering the lives of the remaining residents.

Ukrainian nominee in the EU, Guleba: Kiev of Tracy, Macron and Scholes visit

“Along with the Romanian prime minister, the Kiev of Macron went to Tragi and Scholes, marking the turning point for Ukraine’s candidacy in the European Union. This was stated by the Union Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba. “French President Emmanuel Macron – he also played a key role. The list of suspects has long been known: the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal. Germany was on the group”.

The media hears the sound of explosions in Saboria

Night eruptions in Saporizia. This was stated by Anatoly Kurdev, secretary of the Municipal Council of the Ukrainian city, quoting the Kiev Independent, which sent citizens to stay in shelters. Just before midnight, the Ukrainian newspaper, the siren of the air strike was activated.

Zhelensky: “Italy with Kiev, thanks to Tracy for strength and perseverance”

“Italy is on our side. Thank you very much, Prime Minister! Thank you for your strength, thank you for your perseverance. Thank you for showing that the policies of the good are truly the foundation of Europe.” This was underlined by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, who addressed the European Council after the EU approved the Ukrainian nomination. According to a statement on the Ukrainian government’s website, Zhelensky thanked each of the 27 member states.

UN denies Lavrov en route to Belarus for wheat

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s spokesman Stephen Dujarric denied in a statement to Rio Novosti today that Sergei Lavrov had accused Guterres of prolonging the food crisis by rejecting Moscow’s proposals. “The Belarusian route for grain exports from Ukraine was one of the first options proposed by the Secretary-General,” Dujarric pointed out, adding that Guterres later denied that he wanted to block Ukrainian grain exports, Lavrov argued. . “The Secretary-General has always talked about a package for exports from Ukraine and exports from Russia,” the spokesman said.

Lavrov accuses UN Secretary-General Guterres: “Food crisis continues”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of prolonging the food crisis by rejecting Moscow’s proposals on grain exports.
“Guterres is trying to solve the problem of exporting grain from Ukrainian ports without taking into account the corridors we report daily,” Lavrov said in an interview with Belarusian public television. The Secretary-General, by his actions, prolongs the food crisis so that grains cannot be sent there quickly. This is unfortunate, “said the Russian Foreign Minister, who has hit out at Guterres for failing to consider the hypothesis of exporting Ukrainian wheat.

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