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At one endAnother day Marked by attacks on Ukrainian strategic targets and warnings of protracted conflict TransnistriaThe pro-Russian separatist region of Moldova raises its voice by warning Moscow The danger of World War III That’s true. “In a televised interview, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the West of waging war on Russia by supplying arms to Kiev and inciting global conflict. The chances of his mission succeeding are slim.


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03.48 Night curfew in Kiev

In Kiev there is a night curfew from Monday to Friday from 10pm to 5am. In a telegram, Oleksandr Pavliuk, head of the regional military administration, justified the decision with the need to protect the people from Russia’s “provocative actions”.

03.14 Kiev: “Third World War? Moscow loses”

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, the threat of the threat of World War III shows that Russia is realizing that it will lose the conflict in Ukraine.
“Russia – Guleba writes on his Twitter profile – loses last hope of terrorizing the world in support of Ukraine, so talk of the ‘real’ danger of World War III only means that Moscow feels defeated in Ukraine.

02.57 Guleba: “Lavrov not ready for serious talks”

“I do not think Sergei Lavrov is ready for serious talks” and Russia is ready to find “solutions at the negotiating table”. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said in an interview with the Associated Press. “But if I see a change in Moscow’s attitude, if they are willing to actively look for mutually acceptable solutions, I will let go of my hatred and sit down with him,” he added. According to Guleba, the sooner Putin agrees to meet Ją®²lensky, the more likely the war will end. “I have confidence in my president, he is ready, he knows how to negotiate,” he stressed.

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02.40 Zhelensky: “The fate of the democratic world is decided here”

“Everyone in the world, even those who do not openly support us, agree that the fate of Europe, the fate of global security, the fate of the democratic system is determined in Ukraine.” This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky in his latest video speech.

A fiery attack on Transnistria

02.14 Kiev: Guterres asks Putin to evacuate Mariupol

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who is visiting the Kremlin today, to press Vladimir Putin to evacuate the city of Mariupol. In an interview with the Associated Press, Guleba said that “this is something that can be done by the UN”, but expressed concern that Guterres could “fall into the trap” of Moscow. Guleba also expressed appreciation Visit to Kiev U.S. Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin called them “the two representatives of the country that did the most for Ukraine.”

01.57 Biden thinks about helping the global food crisis

Biden management is considering a $ 5 billion aid package Global food crisis Caused by the war in Ukraine. This was reported to Bloomberg by informed sources. The proposal has the bipartisan support of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Over the weekend, Senator Dem Chris Koons led a U.S. delegation to Rome to study with FAO leaders the plight of countries in the Middle East, Africa and around the world.

01.35 Four were killed and nine were injured in Kharkiv

The Kharkiv bombing killed four people and injured nine others. This was announced by the Governor of the region Ole Sinekubov.

00.53 Attacks on the Sumi area

Four attacks were carried out last evening on Sumi, in the northeastern part of Ukraine, from the Russian border. Cited by Ukraine Border Guard Service, UkraineForm Agency. In particular, evidence suggests that heavy weapons were fired from the Russian village of Dyodkino in the direction of Ukraine in the Rivne in the Konodop district. A total of 15 eruptions have been reported. Small-scale gunfire was also heard on the border near the same village. The other two eruptions were recorded following the use of heavy weapons between the villages of Punyakino and Nova Slopoda in the same district.

00.27 The video shows the destroyed village

A new drone video released by the self-proclaimed Lukansk People’s Republic says there is not much in the small village of Novodoshkivka, southeast of Chevroletonetsk in Lukansk Oblast. The authenticity of the video has been confirmed by CNN Geolocation.

Recent Russian victory: A small town burned to the ground

00.10 The Russians control the Kherson city council

Mayor Ihor Kolikayev has said that the Russians have taken control of the city council building in the southern Ukraine.

00.01 Blinken: Clear proof of victory in the war for Kiev

“During our trip, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and I took the train from Poland to Kiev. We saw people on the streets, clear evidence of victory in the Kiev war.” US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said on Twitter. “But we know – he added – that this is completely different from other parts of Ukraine, where the Russian military continues to commit atrocities.” “The Ukrainians are defending themselves, they are strong, and they are doing it with the support we are getting from all over the world,” Blingen added.

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