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News of the war on Saturday, May 14, live: Negotiations to withdraw troops from Zelensky and Azovstal. Russian missile against the Kharkiv Cultural Palace

The ongoing war in Ukraine has reached its 80th day. Although the fighting was not over, Kharkiv was liberated: the second largest Ukrainian city – after Kiev – was defeated by Russian military offensive.
Yesterday US Secretary of Defense Austin spoke by phone with his Russian counterpart Shoiku E. He called for a speedy ceasefire.
ுகள் The chances of rescuing the remaining fighters are increasingly difficult Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. Negotiations are underway: Zhelensky spoke about a plan to exchange prisoners.
7 007 Russian President Vladimir Putin is seriously ill with cancer, according to Ukrainians. This message has no further confirmation.
• தி Finland wants to join NATO. President of Turkey Erdogan

Yes rather, yesterday: the United States is on the field to resolve Ankara’s suspicions. Meanwhile, the Russian electricity company, which supplies about 10 percent of Helsinki’s power, cut off power yesterday.
• தி The Ukrainians advanced towards the Kharkiv borderWhen Russian Army Try to arrange to prepare a new attack.

06:55 – US Treasury warns foreign banks: Do not help Moscow

The United States can To extend the barriers At Foreign banks That will help Russia Avoid obstacles.

To confirm it, either Interview with the New York Times, Adewale Wally Adiyemo, who was the Under Secretary of State for the U.S. Treasury. It should be noted that this interview was taken by the Russian company Dass.

If you provide material support to an authorized individual or authorized entity, our permission may be extended against you as well, Adeimo stressed. Countries that do not allow Moscow: I would like to make this clear to other countries that have not taken sanctions: the United States, our allies and allies are ready to act if our sanctions are violated.

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06:40 – Putin cuts off power to Finland

Russia suspends power to Finland today This was announced yesterday by RAO Nordic, the company that manages the transfer of Russian electricity to the Nordic countries on behalf of the Russian government, which owns Inter RAO.

According to a company note, the reasons for the cut lie not only in the fact that Finland does not pay for electricity: but the decision was made the day after Finnish leaders announced their intention to join NATO without delay. .

However, Finland’s electric grid operator promises that it can do without it Energy imports from Russia.

We were ready for this and it would not be difficult. We can handle a little more imports from Sweden and Norway, he said Timo GaucononOperational Manager for Operator Fingrid.

06:36 – Putin is unwell and the war will end in a year: the words of the head of Ukrainian intelligence

Yesterday, in an interview with Sky News UK, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service Kirillo Budanov – once again spoke about the health of Vladimir Putin, which has been the subject of several weeks of rumors.

According to Putanov, Putin is seriously ill with cancer, and a coup arrangement is already under way in Russia to eliminate it: one claim, at least in the second half, is still apparent to most researchers, and Putanov has not provided details or evidence.

In the same interview, Budanov said that the war with Russia would reach a turning point in mid – August and would end by the end of the year. Breaking point will be in the second half of August – Budanov said -. Most of the active combat operations will be completed by the end of this year. As a result, we will renew Ukrainian power in all of our lost territories, including Donbass and Crimea.

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Budanov said he was not surprised by Russia’s setbacks in the war. We know everything about our enemy. We know their plans almost exactly as they did. Europe sees Russia as a major threat. They are afraid of his aggression. We have been fighting with Russia for eight years and we can say that this highly publicized Russian power is a myth. Not so powerful. Crowd of armed people.

06:35 – Russian missile strike on Kharkiv cultural home

Russian missile strike in Kharkiv House of Culture, Which was used to distribute aid. Reuters quoted The Guardian as saying.

Kharkiv Mayor Vyasaslav Sadorenko told Reuters: This is not an act of terrorism. They wanted to strike The site where we store supplies and create a humanitarian disaster.

06:33 am – Talks about Azovstall

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky Said talks would be held with Russia The guards were wounded by the Azovstell plant in Mariupol They are so complex, it added Kiev used influential intermediariesReuters quoted him as saying.

After more than two months of siege, Russian forces continue to bomb steel plants in the southern port of Mariupol, the last stronghold of hundreds of Ukrainian guards in a city completely controlled by Russia. Ukraine proposed, saying there was no military solution to the stalemate Evacuate 38 guards who were badly injured. Kiev says it will be released if Moscow allows them out Many Russian prisoners of war. More complex negotiations are currently underway regarding the next phase of the evacuation process: the removal of the seriously injured physicians. We are talking about large numbers of people, he said.

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Of course, we do everything we can to get everyone else and all of our bodyguards out. We have already involved everyone who is one of the most influential intermediaries in the world, ”he said without elaborating.

06:31 – The possibility of a nuclear threat from Putin

May be President of Russia Vladimir Putin According to Catherine Lawler and Mason Clark, researchers at the War Research Institute, the move could lead to the annexation of occupied territories in southern and eastern Ukraine to Russia in the coming months, he warned. Ukraine and its allies are threatened by a nuclear attack.

If Putin understands his military weakness, probably Speed ​​up the connection And introduce quickly Nuclear prevention In an attempt to retain control of the Ukrainian territory currently occupied by Russia.

Ukraine and its allies may be one Short chance to support Ukrainian counter-attack Before the annexation of that part of the Kremlin to the occupied Ukrainian territory, write Laurel and Clark.

06:30 – Russian inflation record

L ‘Russian annual inflation With the highest in the last two decades 17.8% in April.

An effect Western barriers About Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine. Since President Vladimir Putin’s transfer of troops to Ukraine on February 24, Russia has already suffered from international sanctions, including major export sanctions that will accelerate high inflation.

According to Rosstat, food inflation, a major concern of low-income Russians, has reached 20.5% year-on-year. Pasta increased by 29.6%, butter by 26.1% and fruits and vegetables by 33%.

Annual inflation is likely to reach 23% this year, before that it will fall next year and reach the 4% target by 2024, the central bank said.

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