Ukraine – Russia, Today’s news from the war: The city is in its final stages, a new round of ceasefire talks

Russian forces They intensify the attack About Ukrainian cities. In the evening, the mayor of Gershon announced that the city had fallen into the hands of the Moscow army. Mariupol is going to experience the same fate. Kharkiv was hit by the bombing. Kiev is constantly being targeted by rockets. More than 2,000 civilians were killed in a week-long war, according to Ukrainian officials. UNHCR reports that there are already one million displaced people. Lack of water and food. But the armed forces and the people We continue to oppose. Moscow admits to lost 500 people. Representatives of the two countries are scheduled to meet again this morning to discuss a ceasefire. But advances in the field have not given much hope. The international community has come out with a new stern stance against Vladimir Putin’s warUN. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has launched an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Russians.

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05.15 Zhelensky: “Strong opposition. We will expel them”

“Wherever they go, they will be destroyed, they will have no peace here, they will have no food, they will have no peace even for a minute. Who will remember what a patriotic war is? Zelensky said in a new television news release, “After about 9,000 Russians were killed in one week,” the Ukrainian president appealed to the young army in Moscow: “Tell your officers you want to live, you do not want to die.” , But must live. We must stop the war. And restore calm as soon as possible. “We will chase them away. With shame … these are not superpower warriors. Used chaotic children. Take them home,” he concluded.

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04.13 “Lesson” on “Work” from Moscow to Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Education announced today that it will stream an “open lesson” to explain why “liberation work in Ukraine is necessary”: he said on Twitter. Kiev Freedom. “Lesson” will be broadcast at noon Moscow time (10.00 in Italy).

03.15 Oil continues to rise

Oil prices continue to rise: Brent reached $ 116.83 a barrel, before falling to a high of 116.46 after August 2013, while the West Texas Intermediate (Wti) rose above $ 2 to a high of 113.31, renewing the high. For the past 11 years.

02.10 Unhcr: Already one million displaced

One million Ukrainians have already fled their homes due to the Russian invasion. According to the UNHCR, 840,000 are registered abroad, especially in Poland and Romania. Estimates of how many people have fled the remaining cities in Ukraine, leaving the cities under attack, are difficult, but local media estimates put the number at about 300,000.

01.33 Toyota closes factory in St. Petersburg

Toyota has announced that it will cease operations in its only plant in Russia, St. Petersburg, and has stopped sending vehicles to the country, citing “supply chain disruptions” related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

01.08 Four explosions in Kiev

Shortly after the airstrikes, four explosions were heard in Kiev. In the first two centers, the other two are near the Druzhby Narodiv metro station. Reports about Kiev Freedom.

00.50 Osce: One of our operators was killed in Kharkiv

Maryna Fenina, a national member of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) for Ukraine, was killed in a bomb blast in Kharkiv on March 1. It was reported in a statement from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: “Marina was killed while making supplies for her family in a city that has become a war zone. , Men and children.

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Ukraine, the torment of a woman in front of her destroyed the house

00.35 New alarm in Kiev, loud explosion heard

New alert for bomb sirens in Kiev. A loud explosion was heard. He writes it Kiev FreedomInvites all residents to reach the nearest shelter.

00.30 Jalensky: “We broke Moscow’s nefarious plans”

“We are a nation that has thwarted the enemy’s plans in a week. This was stated by President Zhelensky in a video released in the Telegram.

00.20 The United States supplies hundreds of missiles to Kiev

The United States has provided Ukraine with “hundreds of anti-aircraft Stinger missiles” over the past few hours. CNN reports this citing informed sources. According to an official and a congressman, these two hundred missiles were delivered two days ago.

00.10 Hague court hearing into alleged war crimes

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has officially launched an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine. This was stated by the lawyer CBI, Kareem AA Con QC, 39 countries after Italy, after, the highest number ever, have signed the court enforcement practice. The lawyer said that the work of gathering evidence in Ukraine has already begun.

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