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News of the minute-by-minute war on Sunday, March 20: Tensions between Italy and Russia in the wake of Moscow’s attack on sanctions. More sirens and missiles at night; Rows and sugar fights in Russia

War enters its 25th day: Ukrainian opposition imposes practical blockade on Russia; Moscow is reacting by making the conflict even more bloody. And yesterday he used one Hypersonic missile.
போர் War continues in Mariupol, a major city in the east of the country: the theater bombed by the Russians cannot be reached by rescuers, where hundreds of people can still be found trapped underground.
அரசாங்கம் Moscow government yesterday Attacked the Italians due to sanctions: Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi He defined Attack on Defense Minister Gurini “unacceptable”
Mysteries surrounding Putin’s image continue: Later “Breaks” during a speech in the arenaThe two “hawks” that now surround him are “disappearing”.

7.04 am – Test at Mariupol and “National Purification”

Russian forces advanced overnight on the besieged and attacked port city of Mariupol in Ukraine. An important steel plant was destroyed in heavy fighting yesterday; Officials explain that Russian forces are carrying out a “nationalist purge” (civilians are being asked to leave the city and return to Russia; if they do not, they will be treated as “with them”, that is, with the opposition, leaving the city. Andrea Nicastro explains everything here) The fall of Mariupol, the scene of some of the worst casualties of the war, marks a major breakthrough on the battlefield for the Russians, who have been heavily stranded outside the major cities for more than three weeks since the invasion.

6.34 am – Fire in Kamyanga-Puska, west of Ukraine

(Marta Seraphini, sent to Liv) The sirens sound again at 5:28 to 6:35 at night in Liv-Liv. From the pictures spread on the web, it is clear that the roof of the town hall caught fire in Kamiyanga-Puska, 42 km northeast.

6.20am – China: “We are on the right side of history”

China’s foreign minister has said that time will tell if Beijing is on the right side of history when it comes to the Ukraine crisis. Wang Yi – as reported by Reuters – said China has “always been in favor of peace and against war” and that its position has always been “objective and just, in accordance with the wishes of various nations.”

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According to many observers, Beijing’s situation is mysterious. Even a lengthy phone call between Biden and Xi Jinping could not clearly position China in the camp of those asking Russia to stop the occupation against Kiev; The apparent demand for this by the Ukrainian government yesterday was in vain.

Beijing has refused to condemn Russia’s actions, or call it an “invasion,” fearing that the United States could supply Russia with war materials and economic-financial “guarantees” that it will withstand sanctions imposed by the West. .

“China will never accept external pressure and will oppose any unfounded suspicion,” Wang Yi said.

5.36 – Zhelensky: “Mariupol war crimes go down in history”

In a new video posted on Facebook, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says the siege of Mariupol, which the Russian military calls “war crimes,” will go down in history. “Doing this to a peaceful city, the occupiers did, is a terrible thing that will be remembered for centuries,” Zhelensky said in his nightly video address to the nation, which was reported by the international media.

5.21 am – Ukraine: Warning sirens in almost all regions

According to Kyiv Independent, anti-aircraft warning sirens have been activated in almost all parts of Ukraine. In addition to Kiev and Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Saporizhia, Sumi, Mykolive, Ternopil, Poltava, Grovograd, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Rivne, Volinia, Serkhozhi, cytomegalovirk and Vinnitz began.

5.14 – Russians block buses leaving the city of Mariupol

Russian troops have reportedly stopped a bus bound for the city of Mariupol to evacuate residents, Kyiv Independent reported. According to the Berdyansk city council, the convoy was on its way from Saporizia to the city to pick up fleeing Mariupol residents, but was stopped by Russian occupation forces near the village of Azovsky, three kilometers from Berdyansk. The convoy was not allowed to enter the city limits and drivers were not allowed to stay overnight.

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4.38 am – Ukraine: Anti-aircraft sirens sound in the city of Lviv

Air strike alarm in Lviv. Sirens sounded at 4.20pm local time and loudspeakers ordered residents to run to the shelters. This is the fourth anti-aircraft alarm in 24 hours in the western city of Ukraine.

3.59 am – Zhelensky: “Suspension of pro-Russian political party activities”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has announced that many political parties will be suspended during martial law due to the war waged by the Russian Federation and relations between certain countries. In a video released today on the Ukrainian presidency website, Zhelensky said that the National Security and Security Council of Ukraine had decided to suspend the activities of the “opposition platform – for life”, “Sharia party”, “our”, “opposition block”. “Left Opposition”, “Union of Left Forces”, “State”, “Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine”. “Socialist Party”, “Socialists” and “Vladimir Salto Black”.

3.38 am – Ukraine: Stop export of aluminum products to Australia and Russia

The Australian government has banned the export of alumina, aluminum ores and bauxite to Russia. The announcement was made by Australian Foreign Minister and Trade Senator Maris Payne. In addition, Australian authorities will send at least 70,000 tons of thermal coal to Ukraine to ensure the country’s energy security.

00.37 am – United Kingdom: “Kiev controls skies, Russia misses target”

The Ukrainian Air Force and air defense are effectively guarding the airspace. Russia has failed to gain control of the skies and has relied on weapons dropped from Russian bases to attack targets within Ukraine. This is an analysis of British intelligence on the current state of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. One of the main objectives of Russian progress since the first days of the conflict was the crisis of airspace control and the failure of operational processes.

Saturday, 00.19 – Anti-aircraft sirens in Kiev

Anti-aircraft sirens sound in Kiev. Ukrinform reports this on its Telegram channel, calling on people to reach out to shelters. The alarm went off after about twenty minutes.

11.10pm – Trains between Belarus and Ukraine stalled

Rail links between Belarus and Ukraine have been cut off since Saturday afternoon. This has been confirmed by the Ukrainian Railway Administration. Thanks to the Belarusian workers: there will be forms of rebellion from the latter on the basis of the ceasefire. In fact, the interruption of the annexation makes it difficult for Russian troops in Ukrainian territory to deliver via Belarusian “corridor”.

11.00 pm – Complaint: “Thousands of civilians deported to Russia”

Thousands of Mariupol residents were taken to distant cities in Russia, where they were “deported by the Nazis during World War II.” Ukrinform said in a statement in a telegram that it had received a complaint from the mayor of the war-torn city, Vadim Poychenko. “Over the past week, several thousand Mariupol residents have been deported to Russia, where the occupiers have taken people illegally.

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