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Russian tanks tighten siege on battered steel plant AzovstaWhen Vladimir Putin was already ready to take Gerson, Mariupolin l. Powerful bombs were reported tonight Mycolive. Ukraine 24 reports this. Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zhelensky He warned that Kiev was losing patience with Russia’s negotiations over the escalating conflict and atrocities by Russian forces. In a video link with the Sciences-Po students in Paris, the Guardian said, “We are ready to hold these talks, these talks, until it is too late, but with each new pooch, every new marijuana and new atrocity will disappear the desire and possibility of negotiation, and this issue in a diplomatic way.” Possibility of solution “. And Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov He makes it clear that Moscow does not want a war in Europe, but the West argues that Russia must be defeated.

Ukraine still smokes in Azovstal: effects of Russian attacks

London, In the meantime, he would support a second if attacked in Sweden and Finland Boris Johnson The two Scandinavian countries intervened in the discussion on the proposal to join NATO.

Johnson: ‘We will support Sweden in case of attack’

President of Russia Vladimir Putin On Republic Day today, Donetsk (self-proclaimed, ed.) Congratulated the President of the People’s Republic of Denis Bushlin, and in a telegram posted on the Kremlin’s website he said he was confident of victory.

Two wives of soldiers of the Azov Battalion They met the Pope, which is a historic moment. We all hope that this will help save our husbands and the soldiers in Azovstale in Mariupol. We hope this meeting will give us a chance to save their lives. Pope Francisco “He said he would pray for us and do everything he could,” Katarina and Yulia said.

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Soldiers in Ukraine, Azovstal sing: Explosions are heard outside

The government of the South Kersen region will ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to become part of the Russian Federation. This was quoted by Vice President of Management Grill Stremosov Toss. “The referendum held in a completely legal way in Crimea was not recognized by the world community, which went so far as not to recognize Russia as a full member of the global community,” he said. “Therefore, this will be a single order based on the appeal of the Kerson regional leadership to Russian President Vladimir Putin. There will be a request to make the Kerson region a full member of the Russian Federation,” he added. Kiev’s response: Officials at the Russian-occupied Kerson “may demand that the city be annexed by Tuesday or Thursday, but the Ukrainian military will release whatever they say,” said Mikhail Podoliyak, councilor and leader of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. According to the Interfox Ukrainian Agency, Kiev is a negotiator.

Russian attack
Shows a video published by Ukrinform Column of dense black smoke emanating from the Azovstal steel plant. Ukrinform also quoted Mario Paul Meyer’s adviser, Pedro Andriyushchenko, as saying that he had been attacked not only by air and artillery, but also by Russian tanks on the steel plant, and that a fire had broken out at the site. .
According to Andrei Demchenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Border Guard Service, quoted by Interfax Ukraine, Russian bombs on Chernihiv in the north and Sumi in the northeast are repeated daily and throughout the day. Now there is no regular border security patrolling the border, because there is a risk of landmines, sabotage operations and, above all, bombings by Russia from Ukraine. Said at a conference.
“The state border service within the Kiev, Chernihiv and Sumi regions has a border control of more than 1,200 kilometers, two-thirds of which is on Russia’s border,” Foreign Secretary Leonid Baran told a conference on border security. , As reported by UNIAN.
Kiev is accused of firing on Russians Institute for Children with Disabilities In the Lukansk region.

‘Kills 10 General’

Eight to ten Russian generals were killed by Kiev forces in Ukraine. Gen. Scott Perrier, head of the US military intelligence service, explained that the “extraordinary role” played by Moscow’s military leaders in the war against Ukraine had resulted in a large number of casualties. “Instead of directing the operations remotely, the Russian generals had to move forward to ensure that their orders were carried out,” Ferrier explained.

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New American aid
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has approved a new $ 40 billion package of military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, proposed by US President Joe Biden. The new fund was passed by 368 votes to 57 and will be approved by the Senate over the weekend.

Biden and Tragi: ‘Commitment to Peace’
“We have consistently supported Ukraine and agreed to put pressure on Moscow, but we are beginning to ask ourselves how the peace process is being structured. Not “: Therefore Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a press conference at the Italian Embassy in Washington after meeting Joe Biden at the White House on Tuesday.

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