Ukraine says “two former US soldiers captured by Russian forces”

Two former U.S. soldiers, volunteers in the Ukrainian army, were captured by Russian forces during a war in the east of Kharkiv last week. Today, the British newspaper The Telegraph quotes their comrades. Both have been identified as Alexander Drook, 39, and Andy Huin, 27. If confirmed, this would be the first time Russia has seized US troops in Ukraine, which could turn out to be a diplomatic case demanding greater concessions to the Americans. Their release.

According to the testimony of two anonymous comrades of the Americans, their contingent of ten was captured last Thursday after discovering that Drook and Huin were surrounded by Russian forces. The faction went to the city where it was supposed to be independent, but was actually under Russian attack. Two Americans are reported missing during the war against 100 Russians and are believed to have been captured.

“We can not confirm” the news of the capture of two Americans fighting in Ukraine. “If that is true, we will do everything we can to bring them home safely,” John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the U.S. National Security Council, told the White House. “We reiterate that we encourage Americans to go to Ukraine and fight,” Kirby said. “There are other ways to help the Ukrainians in a peaceful way.”

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