Ukraine sends Biden precision missiles to Kiev, angered by Moscow. Urban’s veto on grill, EU-world sanctions still pending

There Meeting Ambassadors of 27 EU member states have been invited to approve the sixth embargo, and now – as far as we know – a new call awaits. L ‘Hungary He asked the Russian Patriots to withdraw Grill New “negotiations” with Budapest will begin on the EU sanctions list. The timing of the new meeting – diplomatic evidence explains – is currently difficult to predict and will be the responsibility of the French president if he deems the timing of the new meeting appropriate.

Joe பிடன் Has officially created a “significant new aid package” for Ukrainians – the White House says – “to arm their territory with new capabilities and advanced weapons, including Himars systems with ammunition, to protect their territory from Russian advance”. The US President praised the “courage and determination of the Ukrainians in defending their country and their democracy against the Russian occupation” and reiterated his commitment to continue supplying arms to Kiev. Meanwhile, Russia advanced in the eastUkraine With Russian soldiers entering the center Chevrodonetsk. No one has rejected the proposal of the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zhelensky To meet the Russian President Vladimir PutinBut the Kremlin Interfax quoted that some documents should be finalized.

In Ukraine, a petition to commemorate children who died in Toprosla

The eruption was reported in the evening in the town of Strysky in the Lviv region of western Ukraine, some ten kilometers from the Polish border. Without providing further information at this time, the Kiev Independent was quoted as saying by the governor of the region Maxim Kozitsky. The area, which has so far been relatively free from Russian bombings, is home to a large number of internally displaced persons from the east of the country.

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With the fall of Severodonetsk, the Russians enter the center
The hourglass runs fast in Chevroletonetsk. Hour by hour, the strategic control center of the Lukansk region is increasingly slipping into the hands of the Russians, who now control more than two-thirds of the city. Troops from Moscow entered the center to stay there, while those from Kiev retreated to avoid encirclement. It is now impossible for approximately 12,000 citizens to leave the city. “Clashes continue. Enemies are trying to reach the center of Chevrodonetsk,” said Oleksandr Modusyanik, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. “The enemy – he explained – has concentrated its reserves there to reach the border of the region. Its main tactical purpose is to take full control of the city”. According to Mayor Oleksandr Stryuk, only 20% of the land is still in Ukrainian hands and is “strictly protected”, while 60% is controlled by Russia and the rest of the city is no longer “human land”. Andrei Marochko, spokesman for separatist militants in Lugansk, is close to announcing the city will take over. To slow it down, however, there may be a renaissance of a scene like Azovstall in Mariupol.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg convened a meeting with the leaders of Sweden, Finland and Turkey in Washington “in the next few days” to announce that the two Nordic countries would try to overcome Ankara’s opposition to entering the alliance. “We are in close contact with Turkey, a key NATO ally, and with NATO, Finland and Sweden, two countries that have applied to join,” he said.

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Collision on missiles
Provided by USAUkraine “More advanced” missile systems to attack “strategic targets”, he declares பிடன். US President Heimer will refer to the launchers, which will be supplied with ammunition that can go up to a maximum distance of 80 km to Kiev. “We do not encourage Ukraine to attack beyond its borders,” Biden said. “The very opposite is true,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybko in response to a new US military support package in Kiev. Ria Novosti writes, “Riapkov noted that any arms supply to Kiev is increasing. The risk of a conflict Directly between the United States and Russia, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “The supply of US MLRS multi-rocket missiles to Kiev risks escalating the conflict with the involvement of third parties.” Demands for arms are provocations aimed at involving Westerners in the conflict with foreigners from Ukraine, the diplomatic leader in Moscow added. Warship Admiral Kolovko Equipped with hypersonic weapons, it will enter service in the Russian northern navy by the end of this year, said Admiral Alexander Moysev, commander of the navy. “Please do not use wheat and staple food as a weapon of war”: Is the appeal initiated by the Pope.

Van der Leyen said, “Do everything you can to defeat Putin.”

Ukraine, Chernobyl: Ruined in the nearby abandoned town of Pripyat

UNICEF, Children First Victims
According to UNICEF, “The nearly 100-day war in Ukraine has had devastating effects on children at an unprecedented rate since World War II: more than 2.2 million children in Ukraine’s 3 million children and refugee countries now need humanitarian assistance.” Two in three children have been displaced by the fighting. According to reports from Ohchr (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights), an average of 2 children are killed and more than 4 million injured every day in Ukraine – most of them in bombings in populated areas.

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‘We will not attack Russia’
Ukraine has no intention of attacking Russia: President Zhelensky commented on the arrival of new weapons from the United States in an interview with the American broadcaster Newsmax TV. “I know what the people in the United States are saying, or someone in the White House is saying, I know we can use them (Himmers, et al.) To attack Russia. We have no intention of attacking Russia. We have no interest in it. We have no. We are fighting in their territory.” Ukraine’s position as a “defensive perimeter” for the world against Russia means that Kiev can not “give up” anything, Zelensky said in an interview with the American news site Newsmax. “We are not prepared to give up any of our territories because our territories are our territories: this is our independence, our sovereignty; this is the problem,” Zhelensky acknowledged, adding that “some territories have some difficulties. Some details.” , But all of these difficulties can be discussed and those discussions will be necessary to stop the war. Ukraine is losing 60 to 100 soldiers every day. “The situation in the East is very difficult. Every day we lose 60 to 100 soldiers and count 500 wounded in battle,” Zhelensky said.

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