Ukraine: Ukrainian drones attack Maxi refinery in Russia

One of the largest oil refineries in southern Russia has caught fire after being attacked by two “Kiev drones”: the attack by Moscow on the Novoshaktinsk plant in the Rostov region risks fueling a new escalation of the conflict. Ki from the Ukrainian border. The drone, which was hovering around the plant, crashed, as seen in a video posted on social media. Suspicions have also been raised over the fact that the company owns the refinery associated with Oksana Marchenko, the wife of pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Medvetsk, who was arrested in Ukraine on treason charges. For Russia, this is one of the hardest blows, even at a code level, given the infiltration betrayed by its air defense system. Rostov Governor Vasily Kolubev said “drone debris” was found in the area and the fire was extinguished two hours after operations at the refinery were halted. The escalation of attacks on Russian territory will further complicate negotiations for the liberation of the ports. We welcome the efforts of Antonio Guterres, “Secretary-General of the United Nations, to prevent the export of grain from Ukrainian ports.” Consultations are ongoing. However, no firm agreement has yet been reached in the talks between Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the United Nations, “said Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesman for the Kiev Foreign Ministry.” “Security – he stressed – is a key component of Ukraine’s position.”

TheMeanwhile the intelligence systems According to a Microsoft report showing how Moscow launched a global cyber war after the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians hacked several targets in the United States and other pro-Kiev allies. According to the report, Russian hackers have been trying to infiltrate the networks of more than 100 companies in the United States since the start of the war (succeeding in almost 30% of cases). Targets include NATO foreign ministries, humanitarian organizations, think tanks, information technology groups and energy providers.

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If attacked, Finland is ready to fight. This was confirmed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Helsinki Army, Timo Givinen, who commented on the dangers of military threats from Russia. In Ukraine, the Finnish General explained, quoting the Guardian, “We have systematically developed our military defenses for this kind of war, which can be fought properly, using effective weapons, armor and air force.” . “Ukraine was hard to cock – he added – Finland”. Meanwhile, the fire at the Novoshaktinsk plant in the Rostov region, a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border, was caused by two drones: this was reported by the news service of the refinery quoted by Rhea Novosti. Some damage was caused by “drone debris” and the flames were “extinguished”.

Russia oil refinery attacked by drones

From the field
On the ground, the war in Lugansk continues. Ukrainian civil servants have confirmed the intensification of airstrikes on Donbass, with the exception of part of the Azot chemical plant, which is now advancing beyond the Chevrolet Donets in Russian-held territory, with the last security forces barricaded with more than 500 civilians. At least 38 children. Russian “partial victories” were also confirmed in the Kiev Hirsch settlement, where separatist militants claimed to have “eliminated a group of mercenaries”. Moscow forces are still approaching Lysychansk, the twin city of Severodonetsk, surrounded by more than 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers and foreign volunteers. However, the losses among the pro-Russian population are also high. According to British intelligence, the Donetsk separatists have lost more than half of their fighters since the beginning of the conflict, killed or wounded, and Russia is now trying to maintain a large number of reserves. Meanwhile, trials continue across the country. Five women have been killed in a shootout with Russian forces at the entrance to a building in a village in the Isiyam district of Kharkiv. In the south of Mykolaiv, several missiles caused at least one death and two injuries among civilians, destroying two schools. However, Kiev’s army is preparing for a counterattack against Kersen and the coast, while trying to deal with new blows in the Black Sea after the bombing of some drilling bases, which, according to Ukraine, hid military “installations”. , And the attacks on the strategic Snake Island off the coast of Odessa caused “significant losses” to the Russians.

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Destruction in Lyciansansk after the bombing of Ukraine

“At the G7 summit in Germany, President Biden will propose new measures to increase pressure on Russia.” A senior White House official told a news conference that US President G7 and NATO would travel to Europe next week for a summit. “As for the United States, the G7 is at the forefront of imposing unprecedented sanctions against Russia in response to the Ukrainian invasion,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr, who will intervene in Germany and Madrid. Zelensky.

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