Ukraine, UN resolution condemning Russian invasion. But 5 countries oppose. Here are the ones

The world is countedUN And the majority (141, no 5 and 35 abstentions) approves the resolution Russia For the invasionUkraine He called for the “immediate” withdrawal of troops from Moscow and condemned the nuclear threat.

“Ceasefire” at the negotiating table. Missiles on Kharkiv and Mariupol, Kerson falls. Kiev: “2,000 civilians have been killed so far”

Referendum at the UN

The move to further isolate the “Russian dictator” Vladimir Putin on the world stage, uniting democracy in the “war of independence against tyranny” and now targeting even Russian oligarchs, promising to pay a heavy price for his aggression. Capture “their boats, their villas and their personal jets.” The referendum took place after a rare emergency meeting of the General Assembly that lasted three days, with Washington and Kiev’s final speeches accusing the Kremlin of betraying the UN Charter (using “cluster munitions and thermophilic attacks” against civilians) to “genocide” in Hitler’s way.


China, a close ally of Moscow but increasingly skeptical of the invasion, did not vote after warning that “everyone will have to lose in a new Cold War.” Tito is militarily close to India, the Kremlin, Cuba and Nicaragua, generally allied with Tsars such as Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Kazakhstan. But Putin lost Jair Bolsanaro’s initial neutrality in Brazil, and he voted in favor. The alert world of the Gulf is also in support: Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Oman, Qatar. Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, has called for the resolution to be repealed, using Article 51 of the Charter to deny civilians the presence of civilians in Moscow’s cross-chairs. But only Belarus, Syria, Eritrea and North Korea sided with Russia, accusing Western nations of “destroying Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.” The rest of the world, on the other hand, voted in favor, from the United States to Europe and from Asia to Africa.

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The draft, like the one vetoed by Moscow last week in the Security Council, has undergone a number of changes in recent days, moving towards a more moderate language to gain the broadest possible consensus. This text no longer “condemns” the invasion as predicted at the outset, but “strongly condemns Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.” It demands that Moscow “immediately suspend its use of force against Ukraine and refrain from any illegal threats or use of force against any member state” and “immediately, fully and unconditionally withdraw all its military forces from Ukrainian territory internationally.” Approved Boundaries. The resolution is an excerpt from a speech to the Security Council condemning Russia’s decision to expedite the warning of its nuclear forces. It was adopted on the basis of Article 18, so it translates to “recommendation to maintain peace and security”, which is a matter for the Security Council, so it is somehow avoided and gives a powerful political signal. This document is co-sponsored by 96 countries, including Italy.


Washington and its Western allies are aiming for two-thirds of the vote, which is not legally binding but politically significant. They also went so far as to end a similar movement condemning Russia for annexing Crimea (bloodless) in 2014, which received 100, 11 no and 58 votes. The assembly expressed a clear majority against Moscow’s move, including a number of African and Latin American countries, fearing a Domino effect if Russia occupies Ukraine. In addition, the Arab world, with the exception of Kuwait, which was affected by the 1990 invasion of Iraq, openly condemned the Kremlin. The resolution proposed by France and Mexico in favor of humanitarian assistance should be put to a vote within a week. We hope Russia does not veto this either.

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