Ukraine: ‘US-EU-GB meetings focus on ceasefire, Italy’. Order of war removes Moscow General Dvornikov from the world

U.S. officials have been discussing the possible framework for a ceasefire with European and British allies in recent weeks and ending the war with a negotiated agreement in Ukraine. Among the topics discussed Four-point plan proposed by Italy Last month. CNN reports on this, citing various well-known sources about the talks. Despite US assurances that “nothing can be decided in Ukraine without Ukraine”, Kiev did not intervene directly.

A “French volunteer” was killed in fighting in Ukraine. Two Reuters journalists were injured and their driver killed in an attack near Severodonetsk in Ukraine’s eastern Lukansk region. The injured were photographer Alexander Ermoshenko and cinematographer Pavel Klimov. The agency reports that both men sustained minor injuries in the shooting while traveling on a Russian-controlled road between the city of Siverodonetsk and Rubisne. The BBC quoted reporters as saying, “Journalists were in a vehicle provided by pro-Russian separatists and were driven by someone designated by them. The driver was killed.”

The slain Frenchman was “a fighter who left as a volunteer”. According to Radio Europe 1, the unidentified man was “wounded by artillery shells” in the northeastern Kharkiv region. The young man, according to the broadcaster, “joined the Ukrainian International Security Forces and took part in the struggle against the Russian military”.

General Alexander Dvornikov will no longer lead Russian military operations in Ukraine. This was stated by the Conflict Investigation Committee, a Russian intelligence voluntary organization. He will be replaced by Gen. Gen. Zidko, the former commander of the Eastern Military District and Moscow’s deputy defense minister for political affairs. As analyst Ruslan Levyev points out, the removal could be linked to the “rotational process” of the operational top management of the armed forces “as seen in Syria”, the outcome of which is currently unknown. An administration is considered frustrating.

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New obstacles
65 Russian figures and 18 companies have been affected by the sixth set of anti-Russian sanctions. Personalities include Vladimir Putin’s friend Alina Kabeva, General Mikhail Mijintsev, known as ‘Mariupol butcher’, and Colonel Azadbek Omurbekov, known as ‘Butcher’s butcher’.

The EU’s new sanctions include the wife and children of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Pesco, and Arkady Voloz, founder and CEO of the Russian IT company Yandex. You can read about it in the relevant document published by the Council of Europe.

The wheat crisis
Russia is ready to provide the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk to prevent grain exports In Ukraine. According to Interfax reports, Vladimir Putin said so.

“Success is ours”. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky, On the 100th day of the Russian invasion of the country. The president posted a short video on Instagram. In the 36-second video, the Ukrainian president is seen in front of the Presidential Palace in Kiev with Prime Minister Denis Schmidt and Presidential Adviser Mikhail Podoliak.

Ukraine, Zhelensky: ‘Victory will be ours’

The UN says there will be “no winners” in the war in Ukraine. On the contrary, for 100 days we have seen the loss of lives, homes, jobs and opportunities, “said Amin Awad, deputy secretary general of Ukraine and UN crisis coordinator.

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“The United States has confirmed at various levels that modern HIMARS multi-rocket missiles will be sent to our country. These weapons will help save our lives and protect our land. I am grateful to President Biden, our friends and all the people for their support,” Zhelensky said. “Today we have received a new security assistance package from Sweden. We are working to bring the supply of modern combat systems to the highest level.”

Ukraine, 100 Days of War Pictures

“Our country does not exclude itself from international relations. We are ready to talk.” Thus Dmitry, Vice President of the Russian Security Council Medvedev In an interview with Al Jazeera, taken by Interfax. Russia, Medvedev says, is “ready to hold a dialogue on any issue, but it must be based on respect”, “must take into account Russian sovereignty and concerns” and “seek to provide inseparable protection”.

“Honestly, I have no sense in discussing this issue, not even in theory,” said a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. Maria Zakarova, Taken by the Russian agency Ria Novosti, will talk about the possible meeting between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky. “Now, without the facts, I would not think of it,” Zakarova said, adding that Moscow was grateful to those who provided themselves as mediators. On February 24, the Russian army invaded Ukraine, sparking a war that left many dead, including many civilians.

From cities

Russian troops fighting in the Popasna region (east) have lost at least 50% of their capacity, including men, weapons and equipment: Kiev Armed Forces civil servants reported on Facebook, according to the Ukrinform Agency.

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The Russians created an important situation in the operation of the nuclear power plant Zaporizhia Because they had no spare parts after they left the plant at the end of the occupation. According to Ukrinform, the main intelligence directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense in Telegram supports this. According to intelligence, a bullet fired by the Russians during the occupation of the plant exploded near the power unit and caused an oil spill. The damage was repaired, but the staff was forced to fill the circuit with used oil.

Russian warships have disappeared behind civilian ships in the Black Sea near the occupied city of Sevastopol: the Ukrainian navy has leaked information on Facebook, according to reports from the UkrainianForm Agency.

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