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Ukraine: Mayor Bergamo in Pucha, we will rebuild kindergartens

– The mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, reached the city of Pucha today, where he met with the mayor of the Ukrainian city of Fedoruk, with whom he was able to go to the city devastated by the first phase of the conflict and establish a twin. Two city. Announced by the municipality of Bergamo, it had a population of 53,000 in Pucha before the war, considering the 13 small villages around the city were 73,000, and 147 buildings were demolished in a month’s occupation. There were only 3,500 people in the city. 456 civilians were killed by Russian soldiers, but many are missing: the Bergamo municipality says many Ukrainians have actually been deported to Russia via Belarus. For more than two weeks he visited the “Rainbow Kindergarten” which sheltered more than 50 children and 200 adults during the attacks on the city. The mayor of Pergamon, accompanied by Mauricio Carrara and the mayor Fedoruk, the honorary leader of Chesapeake, visited the church of St. Andrea Apostolo: between the church and the surrounding garden, most of Pucha’s 460 civilian victims and 116 people, including 30 women and 2 children, were buried on March 11 alone.

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