Ukrainian war, Putin and interrupted speech: Theories and jokes on social media

The Kremlin justified the interruption of the live broadcast of Vladimir Putin’s speech as a “technical problem”. At the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow it raised contradictions and questions on the Internet. When the broadcast resumed, the summary of Putin’s speech at the first major pro-war public event in Ukraine surprised many.

After Putin’s picture disappeared from the screens of Russia 24 State TV, the Internet was flooded with comments. “Best comedy: The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with Putin accidentally uttering the word” fight “and joking that imprisoned dissident Alexei Navalny’s spokeswoman Gir Yarmish has banned talking about” war and “invasion in Russia.

Others wonder if 69-year-old Putin is ill or if a threat to his safety has been identified.. On the Telegram channels near the Kremlin, in the evening news, journalist Marina Ovsyanikova predicted that many heads of state television would fall after the new injury following the provocative protests against the war.

When Putin’s speech resumed on television, even its summary raised questions. According to state news agency Rhea Novosti, 95,000 people inside the stadium and 100,000 outside were listening to Putin.

But the BBC and the Chota site reported The testimonies of those who were forced to participate by their employers were brought to the field by the coaches. A picture released by the Autosac channel states that some of the existing ones were given 500 rubles. Images shared on social media, the Moscow Times writes, show people starting to leave within 20 minutes of the event starting.

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