Urgent request to pray the rosary to combat the spreading evil

The well-known and controversial Archbishop fights for a while against the institution and begins an appeal to believers around the world, which can create a very revolutionary gesture.

Despite the depression and difficulties, it is really necessary to implement this call to raise one’s head and suppress evil .Thank you to her for being able to do this more than anyone else.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano – Photo Web Source

Mans.Carlo Maria Vigano, Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, For some time he has been actively involved in the war against evil forces Religion identifies very specific earthly environments and forces, and at this time – according to him – will be embedded in those who manage the fight against epidemics around the world, and the same evil will be born.

Bishop Vigano’s struggle and his vision of the sky

For Vigano, he has repeatedly slammed the use of an international conspiracy or health emergency called the “Big Reset” to impose a kind of new global dictatorship in the service of Masonic, ambiguous and transnational powers. It is time to look toward heavenEvil can be defeated forever, especially for the virgin, so we can be driven out of the swamp of darkness one by one.

For Monsignor, referred to as the leader of a “traditional” Catholic current, we have been living for two years in an environment of extreme lies and deception, spread by a dishonest secularist oligarchy. However it would have reached the last blow of the tail. Thanks to the light emitted in many contexts around the world.

So the call of the clergy is clear: it is not a question of an earthly, political war, but a battle played on the highest, that is, the spiritual level. This is why, on top of that, we must look at the misery, suffering, iniquity, and iniquity of the world. “Spiritual weapons are needed in the face of spiritual warfare,” Vigano confirmed in a statement released during the hours.World Rosary for the Crusades ”.

An important international call to prayer

Thousands of Catholics around the world, especially men, have begun to recite the Rosary in public for the liberation of their homeland.“, Explaining religion and including it”Such commendable and courageous initiatives are the beginning of a Christian renaissance and the rebirth of faith, As well as a sacred act of worshiping the Mother of God“.

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Human forces alone cannot counter the impending threat“, Vigano’s message, it calls”Understand how important and irreplaceable it is to use prayer and divine help through the invincible weapon that the Blessed Virgin Mary gave us to fight the enemy of mankind“.

From here, An important request for prayer in which all Catholics are invited to participate, Have to face any personal hardship due to an infection or any other condition that has unfortunately developed over the last two years. “I invite everyone to the World Rosary Crusade to seek God’s intervention and victory in unleashing the forces of evil through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin. Mine also joins in the request of all of you in reciting the three crowns“.

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Hope that prayer to Mary will start from all over the earth

Vigano’s hope is that this call will reach every four corners of the earth to every man and woman on the planet, ensuring that Mary enters powerfully into everyone’s lives. You are thus allowed to crush the head of the ancient serpent Occupies life with his evil and demonic plans.

In all countries, in all cities of the world The cry of our prayers will rise with hope and loudness. We children who are gripped by persecution call on her with the assurance that we will throw ourselves at the feet of the mother and receive what she hears. Let us own the words of St. Bernard: Holy Virgin Mary, remember that the world has never heard of you seeking your protection, seeking your help, asking for your help, and being abandoned.“.

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The call is to create a precise, bodily gesture between all the Christian people horizontally, faithfully, vertically, with the Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary, who will never abandon us in adversity. In the same way this time Against the plague that has plunged the world into darkness for two years.

Mary is a specific gesture to bring everyone together

Let us kneel and pray in the houses, churches, streets and squares of our cities. Realizing that we all need the help of the Virgin of the Holy Rosary, we respect the Divine Order against the chaos of hell and place our trust in her who was given to us as a mother at the foot of the cross. She loves and helps us like a mother. , As it has always done throughout history“.

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Vigano also believed in the support of the little ones in this fight against evil, those who have a closer heart to God than anyone else on this earth, and are therefore true warriors in the fight against the forces of evil. “Let the little ones come with us in this crusade that will move innocence to paradise“, He called Vigano and then called someone else.

The elderly and the sick are the ones who live most closely with the Lord. “May the elderly and the sick unite with us spiritually, paying their bills with the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.. The devil fears the prayers of children and the penance of those who suffer, because he sees the image of Christ defeating himself in purity and sacrifice.“.

The belief that “inner prayer sounds everywhere”

In the end, what’s hope? “May our heartfelt prayers be heard everywhere. We ask the Mediatrix of all benefactors to put an end to this destruction of our world, our freedom, our identity, our affection. We ask you to keep our eyes open, not to be distracted by those who sow frustration, hatred, social conflict, and division in our bodies and souls.

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We urge you to clarify the minds of reluctant parents who are unaware of the effects of genetic serum on children; Not to move physicians to treat their patients and to implement obscene ineffective protocols; Do not obey immoral dictators to shake the rulers, judges and police to work for the common good. We ask you to convert those who, blindly by the thirst for power and money, have become complicit in the most serious crime against God and against those who redeemed His Son on the cross. To whom the Lord has entrusted His flock, we ask you to change the account of every soul to the shepherds he asks. For this to happen, we beg to be forgiven of our sins and the common sins of the nations, because we believe that we can only ask with repentance and determination not to offend His divine Son any more..

Carlo Maria Vigano
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano – Photo Web Source

So we accept this invitation to work together. “Revived by this hope I, the Virgin of the Virgins, return to you, O Mother; Repentant sinner, I come to you and bow before you. Mother of the Word, do not want to hate my prayers, but listen to what I say and give it to me.

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