Victor Orban, Mr. No and his thousand blackmails Europa-

From Paolo Valentino, reporter from Berlin

Budapest’s “The Man in Command” blocks sanctions on Russian oil. At home he is thankful for special powers, but without European funding he faces great danger

Never trust Victor Orban. The Hungarian Prime Minister presents another proof of his complete unreliability at this hour: after being given the green light European embargo on Russian oil imports (At the price of exceptions favorable to his country, it can continue to be purchased), at night he, along with EU allies, unwrapped the weaving canvas diligently and made the new veto on the deal still without ink. . The 27-year-old political agreement provides for the temporary suspension of oil imports by ship from Russia. Druzhba pipe, Which mainly serves Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and even Germany. Berlin has promised to suspend Russian oil imports by the end of the year. According to Budapest, eight months after the embargo was lifted, crude or refined petroleum from Russia could not be resold to other EU countries to avoid competition.

But even with the prize, Urban has raised prices again: Not only did he ask for a long time to pursue the resale, he also demanded its name. Orthodox Patriot of Moscow,
GrillExcluded from the list of persons of the Sixth Prohibition Package. Eventually it seems to have checked: the name of the religious personality has been removed from the blacklist of persons to be targeted.

Beyond that particular theme, Victor Orban’s new rise raises even more urgent words about the problem of a political leader and a country that is increasingly unpredictable, inconsistent with the spirit and writing of the social pact. Urban, who has been in power since 2010, has transformed Hungary into a liberal democracy, His party, Fides, effectively occupies the state without restrictions and restrictions. Orban’s men control not only ministries and bureaucracies, but also courts, theaters, universities, hospitals, and newspapers. Although the network of friendly entrepreneurs has played a lion’s share in public procurement, it has so far been generously funded by European funds.

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There is no official censorship in HungaryBut since there is no newspaper owned by the Prime Minister’s friends, critics of Fidesz and the official truth simply lose their jobs. In April, Orban won the election for the third time in a row, Obtaining a two-thirds majority in Parliament. Not surprisingly, no traces of his enemies were found on television and in the newspapers. Definitely free, this is not a fair election, as noted by independent international observers who have watched it closely. Yet, two months after the vote, Orban regained the special powers he had held since the outbreak.

The delegates, now completely at his feet, delivered them to him without a word. Orban will continue to rule by decree, as he has been doing for almost three years now: Only one person is in charge. This action betrays anxiety and insecurity. Orban in trouble. The European Commission continues to cut off funding from the next generation of EUs to Hungary, where the Prime Minister and his government are wreaking havoc on the rule of law. But Orban urgently needs that money: he lent many election gifts during the campaign (here is another reason for his victory) and now the public treasury is empty. But the black man from Budapest showed no intention of reform, Beginning with justice, Brussels asks him. Reverse. Recently, according to a report in the HVG daily, the defense minister bought a state loan and a share of a company that makes aircraft from suppliers in the ministry. In short, he became a customer to himself.

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Orban’s other problem is his growing loneliness. War broke out in Ukraine Dear company With Poland, the leader of Putin’s opposition camp, Orban not only avoids criticizing the Kremlin, but also tries to maintain good relations with Russia, from which he buys 60% of oil and 85% of gas, but called Zhelensky one of his biggest opponents during the election campaign. His control over sanctions has alienated him from many sympathizers in Central and Eastern Europe: if he continues – says a European ambassador – Poland will approve the implementation of Article 7, which refers to EU disciplinary action against Hungary. For violating fundamental rights, it has so far been blocked by Warsaw’s denial. How long will Victor Orban be allowed to abuse the patience of the EU?

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