War in Ukraine, live – bomb on school-shelter in Lukansk, two dead and sixty missing. Kiev: “brutal war crime”

More 1. 1.3 billion worth of weapons from the United Kingdom to Ukraine

England will supply to others 1.3 billion pounds (About 1.5 billion euros) military support for Ukraine. Includes funding from UK government reserves மில்லியன் 300 million Including military equipment, radar systems, GPS jamming equipment and night vision equipment promised by Premier Boris Johnson earlier this week. According to the UK government, this is the UK’s highest military spending since the conflict between Iraq and Afghanistan. London has already pledged about 1.5 1.5 billion to Ukraine, which includes humanitarian aid and loan guarantees. Johnson, US President Joe Biden and other G7 leaders will hold a video conference today on the conflict in the presence of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky.

Russian defense: “A corvette was shot down and 420 Ukrainian soldiers were killed”

The Russian Air Force destroyed a plane last night Ukrainian Corvette Project Class 1241 and “Destroyed” Near Odessa 420 Ukrainian fighters: This was stated by the Ministry of Defense of Moscow, which was quoted by the government agency Tax.
The Russian air defense said it had been shot down Two fighters Ukrainian Su-24 and Mi-24 helicopters near Snake Island in the Black Sea destroyed the command post of the mechanized battalion near Pyatikatka and the communications post on the Cervonoklinskoi airstrip. Overall they were impressed 130 military targets Ukrainians including two artillery batteries, two ammunition depots, 55 military vehicles and two S-300 air defense systems. Since the beginning of the invasion, Russian forces have destroyed 156 Ukrainian aircraft, 116 helicopters, 765 drones, 2,927 tanks and other armored vehicles, 297 missile air defense systems, 335 multi-missile systems, 3 anti-missile systems and 3 multi-missile missile systems. Konashenkov says. Artillery and mortar and 2,746 special vehicles.

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The meeting of EU ambassadors on the sixth set of sanctions began

Meeting of GorberA delegation of EU member states was invited to study the draft Sixth set of obstacles Against Russia – which includes a gradual ban on oil imports from Moscow – prior to council approval. The ambassadors will discuss the suspension of imports of Russian crude oil and refined products – which have met with overwhelming opposition – and other contents of the package (including the severance of Swift of Sberbank and other banks, personal positions, Putin’s ally Orthodox Patriot Grill and Alina Kabeva, three Russian television stations Ban on and some sectoral measures) are now agreed.

Bombs on Mykolaiv, one teacher killed and 27 wounded

An old woman Author Killed and many others 27 civilians Russia’s missile strikes in the past 24 hours have inflicted heavy casualties on residential areas in the region. Mycolive. Regional Council President Hannah Jamasieva writes in the Telegram. According to Jamashiva, the Moscow army continued to bomb the territory during the night: “In particular, the missiles hit Mikholev, Vosnensk and Osokhov. Residential areas. Unfortunately some civilians were seriously injured and one died. The person allegedly killed was an elderly woman who worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature at a local school.

Pope Francis: “People want peace, they know they will never carry weapons”

At the end of Angels in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francisco Dedicated to the Virgin of Pompeii “The fervent desire for peace of many suffering people in different parts of the worldMeaningless disaster Of war “:” I present especially to the Blessed Virgin Suffering And this Tears Of the Ukrainian people “, the pope said,” before War is crazy We pray the rosary for peace every day. And we pray that the leaders of the nations do not lose their noses People who want peace He knew full well that they would never carry weapons. Bergoglio said, “Special congratulations to the Ukrainian refugee group and the families who entertained them in Machi, near Perugia.”

“Strong eruptions in Odessa and Mykolayiv”

“Strong explosions” have been reported Odessa And Mycolive, In southern Ukraine. The Telegram Channel reports this Ukraine24Indicates that a missile struck Odessa.

At the blast hospital in Orikhiv, there were no victims

“Last night at 9 pm, on May 7, Russian troops launched an offensive Hospital In the city Origive. Fortunately, according to initial reports, the hospital premises were empty at the time of the blast. This was stated by the military administration of the southeastern region of Zaporizhia.

Putin tells the former Soviet Union: “It is a common duty to prevent the rebirth of Nazism.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated With the Ukrainian people In a message sent to mark the 77th anniversary of the victory against the Nazi regime. According to the Kremlin’s website, Putin has congratulated citizens of recognized states (both authorized and non-recognized) in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, southern Abkhazia and parts of the former Soviet Union. Ossetia, Donetsk People’s Republic, Lukansk People’s Republic, as well as the peoples of Georgia and Ukraine, on the anniversary of the 1945 surrender. Prevents the renaissance of Nazism, Which has caused so much suffering to people from different countries. “In his congratulatory message to the leaders of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics – the government agency said. Tax – The Russian President noted that today our army, like their forefathers, is fighting shoulder to shoulder to liberate their homeland from Nazi pollution, and expressed confidence that victory will be ours, as it was in 1945. Putin noted that “on this day we pay tribute to the soldiers and workers of the domestic front who defeated Nazism at the expense of countless victims.”

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Kiev army: “25,500 Russian soldiers killed since the beginning of the war”

I at least 25,500 The Russian soldiers were killed In Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion: the Kiev army reported in its daily bulletin about the casualties caused by Moscow. During the 74 days of conflict, infographic reports, 199 warplanes, 156 helicopters and 360 drones were shot down. In addition, Ukrainian forces reportedly destroyed 1,130 Russian tanks, 509 artillery pieces, 2,741 armored vehicles carrying troops, 92 naval missiles, 179 rocket launchers, 12 ships, 1,961 vehicles and tankers for fuel transport. Air defense units and 39 specialized equipment units.

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