War in Ukraine, live broadcast – Moscow: “New military bases in response to NATO expansion”. Kiev was ordered to surrender to the Azovstalin guards

Lukashenko-Putin meeting in Sochi

Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin look at each other again. The Kremlin says a new meeting between the presidents of Russia and Belarus is set for Monday in Sochi.

EU: “Italy peace plan noted, but Russia must withdraw”

“We are focused on Italy’s peace plan for Ukraine,” and as the European Union, we support any attempt to end the conflict. But from a European perspective, it must pass from an immediate cessation of occupation and the unconditional withdrawal of the Russian military. The EU High Representative said. Joseph Borel, At a press conference. “The conditions for this ceasefire must be determined by Ukraine,” the head of EU diplomacy urged European countries to “maintain diplomacy and military unity on all fronts.”

Seven battalions are stationed on the border with Belarus

There Belarus Strengthened its forces by stationing seven battalions on the border with Ukraine. Brest And Komal. Kiev Defense Ministry spokesman said. Alexander Motusyanik. He brings it back UNIAN.

Putin: “Cyber ​​aggression against Russia fails like sanctions”

“There Internet aggression Basically against Russia Failure, Sanctions in general are like attacks ”because“ we are ready ”. Thus said the Russian President Vladimir PutinQuoted Tax, Speaks at the National Security Council. “Cyber ​​attacks against Russia come from different countries, are closely coordinated and, in fact, the actions of state-owned enterprises,” Putin said, adding that “their number has grown significantly since the start of special operations in Ukraine.”

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Putin: “Russia will ban foreign cyber security systems”

“It simply came to our notice then The use of foreign systems is prohibited For information security from 2025. Thus said the Russian President Vladimir PutinQuoted Tax, Speaks at the National Security Council. In light of this barrier, the leader explained, “You need to use your technologies as soon as possible.” Kremlin, Addressed members of the Security Council. “The coordination of the work of all organizations responsible for ensuring information security across critical infrastructure should be outlined at a strategic level,” he added.

De Mayo: “Russian occupation is a very serious crisis”

“The presidency of Italy was marked by a dramatic Russian occupation of Ukraine, an attack on our policies and values, and was fraught with repercussions. We are guided by your support in the shared desire to go. ”Therefore, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi de Mayo At the funeral of the Italian President at the Council of Europe in Regia de Venaria.

G7: “$ 19.8 billion for Ukraine in 2022”

By 2022, the G7 countries will have provided $ 19.8 billion to Ukraine. You can read about this in the final report of the Financial Summit. The United States has announced $ 7.5 billion (7.5 billion rpt) of this figure.

Moscow oversees US shipment of anti-ship missiles to Kiev

The Russian army stands Tracking It is possible to send U.S. anti-ship missiles Harpoon Is taking appropriate measures for Ukraine and for preventive purposes: Kremlin spokesman said today, Dmitry PeskovQuoted Ukrainska Pravda. “Ukraine has a lot of weapons coming from the west. You know our approach to this issue. Nothing new – Peskov said -. All these births are being closely monitored by our Army and are being actively pursued in this regard. Appropriate steps are being taken. ”
According to the British media, allies, including the United States and the United Kingdom, are considering sending Harpoon long-range anti-ship missiles to Ukraine to break the Russian naval blockade and consequent crisis in food supply. Status world.

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School attacked in Severodonetsk: three killed

TO ChevrodonetskArea Lugansk, Russians opened fire on a school where hundreds of people were hiding and at least 3 residents were killed. This was stated by the head of the regional military administration Sergey Guido In the telegram. In the morning, the Russians “threw artillery into the Chevrolet Donetsk school where people were hiding. More than 200 people, many children. Three adults died instantly, ”said Guido, pointing out that the Lukansk Regional Police are currently trying to move people to another shelter.

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