War in Ukraine, live – Journalist killed in attack on Kiev. British NGO: “Two volunteers abducted by Russians in Saporizia”

Berlin: “Oil ready for embargo but better alternative”

“Germany does not oppose an oil embargo, but hopes it will be justified.” This was stated by a spokesman for the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Robert Hebeck. Sanctions must be agreed with the allies, and he added, “Energy sovereignty must be gradually restored” and “we must not be threatened in energy.”

The strategic trip near Kharkiv was liberated

Ukrainian armed forces liberated the village Ruska LosovaIn the eastern part Kharkiv, Which came under the control of Russian soldiers. This was reported by the main intelligence directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Ukrinform. The intelligence added that a Solution of strategic importance Located on the highway Kharkiv-BelgorodAnd it was from this suburb that the Russian army opened fire on the civilian infrastructure and residential districts of Kharkiv during the occupation.

Moscow: “US seizes previously dangerous Russian assets”

“The US Congress’ approval of a bill that would allow Russia’s assets to be used to aid Ukraine is an angry decision, a dangerous precedent for the seizure of private property.” The Kremlin spokesman said. Dmitry PeskovQuoted Interfox.

UK experts in Ukraine to investigate war crimes

Sending a team of UK experts War crimes To help investigate the “atrocities” committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. British experts will visit Poland next week Government of Ukraine, With the aim of helping international partners, voluntary organizations and refugees gather evidence to investigate war crimes. To this end, the panel will add experts on conflict-related sexual violence, following complaints of abuse by Russian forces in Ukraine.

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Peskov: “No news of talks”

“There is no news yet on the path to negotiation”. The Kremlin spokesman said. Dmitry PeskovDuring a press conference.

Indonesian President: Putin to attend G20 summit

“President Putin thanked the G20 for inviting him to the summit Said he would attendIndonesian President Joko Widodo said in a statement on YouTube that he was talking about a telephone conversation with the Russian leader and that he had called for a ceasefire in Ukraine, and that Indonesia was holding the post of G20’s rotating leader, and that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky had been summoned on November 15. “We had a telephone conversation with Putin about the situation in Ukraine and the G20 cooperation,” the Indonesian president said on Twitter. Peace talks. Indonesia is ready to contribute towards this goal.

Co-worker of murdered journalist: “He found his parents a few days ago”

“He was one of the best experts The best people I knew that. We worked together many years ago, and like everyone who knew her, I have only fond memories of Vera. ” Thus with Konstantin Koropov, journalist of the Ukrainian television station 1 + 1AdnKronos Connecting her Vera Kairich, Radio Liberty reporter killed in his apartment during a missile attack on Kiev. “A few weeks ago he met his parents, who had survived a month of Russian occupation,” he says. “Being a journalist in Ukraine now means trying as hard as you can to tell the truth, and many show a lot of courage and a lot of commitment in doing their job,” he adds.

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Kremlin: “Foreign leaders not invited to May 9”

No foreign leaders have been invited to Moscow to take part in this year’s celebrations May 9, The day the Soviet Union’s military victory over Nazi Germany is commemorated. The Kremlin quoted him as saying Tax.

Berlin condemns attack on Kiev: “Russia does not respect international law”

“We condemn Maximum hardness The missiles that hit Kiev were launched yesterday during the visit of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. German government spokesman Wolfgang Büchner told a news conference in Berlin. “It simply came to our notice then International law“, He added.

“Russians close Mariupol area to attack Azovstol”

There are Russian forces Closed The Mariupol area is considering another possible attempt to attack the steel plant Azovstal, Ukrainian resistance prevention complex. This was stated by Pedro Andrushchenko, adviser to the city mayor. “For now, the invaders have closed the left bank district square again from Veselka Park, north of the steel plant. This may be due to another attempt to attack Azovstale or a street fight.

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