War in Ukraine, live – Kiev: “Half withdrawn in the Severodonetsk”. Missiles in the capital at dawn. Erdogan: “We do not give up on Sweden and Finland in NATO”

Kiev: “Bomb blast in Kharkiv”

The Russians are bombing residential areas again Kharkiv. This was stated by the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Ole Sinekubov In the Telegram, as reported Ukrainska Pravda. “Russian occupiers are again bombing the city’s residential areas. Stay in the shelters! Do not ignore the alarms! Says the boss Of administration.

Kiev: “Western nations need to understand that military aid must continue until victory”

Western alliesUkraine Military assistance is “not a one-time aid” that they should “understand” but should continue until “victory”. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hannah Malier, CNN quoted. “Weapons have already begun to arrive, but they are not enough to give one Answer Very strong for the Russian army. We are already in a protracted war and we will always need help, ”he explained.

Mariupol, Municipal Councilor: “Drinking water shortage, crisis situation”

Lack of drinking water a Like Mariupol It is one o’clock Important positionAccording to the mayor’s adviser Petro Andrushenko He said people have to register to get it Water Drinking And they can only eat once every two days. The most basic services like ElectricityThe city has not yet recovered from the gas and water pipes Power Local people Supported by Russia. “Previously the amount of water was already low – he said again – but now it is Decreased Absolutely. You have to register and stand in line, at the same time the temperature rises and the available water decreases ”. “Drinking water is provided without boiling – he explained – it can not be drunk, there is no way to prepare it. To boil, Except open fire. Thus, people use it as it is. And it poses a threat with potential infections due to its high volume Trash And the number of corpses buried in shallow pits throughout the city.

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Ukrainian security: “Kiev is the main target of the Russians”

Kiev Is the main target of the Russians. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine elder brother MalierAs reported Ukrainska Pravda, After several explosions this morning in the Ukrainian capital. “We have always said openly that Kiev is under constant threat. People are coming back (in Capital – Ed) for various reasons, but we still need to understand that the war is at a hot stage and the main purpose of Kiev Federation RussianIt remains the same, ”he added.

Kiev: “Lysychansk Supply Center leveled”

Ukrainian police have shared a video showing the aftermath of the Russian bombing in the city of Lyshansk in the Lugansk region: the headquarters for the distribution of humanitarian aid were ground level, with more than 40 people living permanently in the building, but no. Information on potential victims was provided. The Guardian reports. Images show damaged administrative and residential buildings and roads.

Florussi: “Our fighters are on the outskirts of Lyciansk”

Pro-Russian militants in Lugansk “fight in the suburbs of Lysychansk”. This was quoted by Interfax as saying by Rodion Miroshnik, the self-proclaimed ambassador of the Lugansk separatist republic in Moscow.

Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament: “Zhelensky has mental disorders”

Hungarian parliamentarian Laszlo Gower has accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky of having a mental illness for calling on international leaders to take up arms. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko responded by accusing Hungarian politicians of continuing to throw mud at Ukraine. “Hungary has historically positioned itself on the side of evil,” he added.

Erdogan: “We will not surrender to Sweden and Finland in NATO.”

Regarding Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO, he said, “We will not change our attitude until our expectations of our authors are met.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the remarks at an AKP event.

UN-Kiev-Moscow meeting on grain exports

A three-way meeting between the UN, Russia and Ukraine will be held in the next few days to discuss the lifting of the embargo on grain exports through the Black Sea ports. This was reported by the Turkish CNN, according to which “the fourth meeting on grain will be held in Istanbul in the next few days. In an interview, Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for the Turkish president, expected to sign a memorandum that would allow loaded ships to pass through, along with grain across the Straits of the Black Sea and the Phosphorus and Tortonelles Straits.

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