War in Ukraine, live – threats between London and Moscow: “Fire in Russia with our weapons? Is it legal”. “Then we can attack NATO countries.”

Stop gas supply to Bulgaria too

Cosprom Reported Bulgaria This will block the distribution Gas. This was announced by the Minister of Energy Sofia. Poland received similar information.

In Chernobyl, Aiea studies radiation

“Increased with the arrival of the Russians: now at normal levels”, read the article:

Two journalists and the driver were attacked near Saborigia

Two reporters And their driver escaped a “Russian artillery” attack ZaphoriziaThe car in which they were traveling was hit by a bullet and the vehicle was damaged: this was reported in a video by one of the two journalists of the Spanish General Radio (RNE). Bran Sevilla.

UN: Putin accepted in principle our role in the expulsion of civilians

President of Russia Vladimir Putin Has accepted in principle the involvement of United Nations And the International Committee The Red Cross In evicting the citizens who are in the steel plant AzovstalTo do Like Mariupol. The UN statement came at the end of a meeting between UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Zhelensky meets children admitted to the hospital from Mariupol

President of Ukraine Volodimir ZhelenskyAlong with the Deputy Prime Minister Irina VersukVisited this afternoon Two children From Like MariupolIlya Matvienko and Kira Obedinska were admitted to the Children’s Hospital Okhmatdyt. During the siege of Mariupol, “the children – Jelensky explains, who released the video of the arrival in the telegram – lost their parents and were injured. The invaders then took them to the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine, but we managed Bring them back And hand them over to our relatives.

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Kiev condemns: “Russian army mobilized in Transnistria”

The Russian military forces Established in Transnistria “placed in that state Full warning To fight ”, condemns Ukrainian workers. And the Separatist fighters Mobilized after the explosions that struck the towers for security services and radio broadcasts from the independent area of ​​Moldova.

Blinken: “US opens to neutral Kiev agreement”

Biden Administration is open to a Peace agreement Refers to Ukraine as a nation between Kiev and MoscowNeutral“And” not aligned “: US Secretary of State said Anthony Blingen At a hearing in the Senate. If Ukraine decides to cancel its own agreement, Blinken explained Atlantic aspirations The United States respects this choice. “It simply came to our notice then they“, he said.

Guerini aboard the new armored ship in Gobashir on Thursday

One more will take place on Thursday Hearing Minister of Defense, Lorenzo KeriniTo கோபசீர் In order to improve the situation in light of the Allied meeting held today in Ukraine Rammstein Inside Germany. “During the investigation, information will also be provided Order between new Ministries Regarding the shipment of equipment and weapons to Ukraine in accordance with the provisions of Law Order 14/2022. This was announced by the angry leader. Adolfo Urso.

Putin: “Fighting over in Mariupol and Azovstal is over”

“Steel mill Azovstal To do Like Mariupol It is completely isolated and war operations will not take place there. ” The Russian president reiterated this Vladimir PutinUN Secretary General meets in Moscow Antonio Gutteres. “If Kiev’s forces had not liberated The public In Assoc, they are behaving like terrorists, ”the Kremlin leader added. “Mariupol’s situation Sad, But the fight is over. More than 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to Mariupol, ”Putin added.

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Putin: “We do not reject negotiations”

“Russia Do not deny Hopes of reaching talks and diplomatic agreements with Ukraine. ” Thus said the Russian President Vladimir Putin During a meeting with the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

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