“Was it recorded?” – Weather

Massimo Cleti brought his show Non è l’Arena to Ukraine. The conductor began a live broadcast from Odessa on Sunday, March 20, as Ukrainian anti-aircraft rockets set off against a Russian attack. Many expressed respect and closeness to the journalist in his choice to tell the war directly, but the criticisms and accusations against the protagonist did not diminish. When the first pictures of Non è l’Arena aired, Celvacia Lucarelli criticized the La7 host’s “journey” with poisoned contradiction. Suddenly it looks like a whole bunch of P-movies. “

The journalist on Twitter also raises doubts about the veracity of what he saw on TV: “There is a curfew order in Odessa from 20.00 (they are 1 hour ahead). How was Gillette on the street? The beginning was recorded”, Lucarelli’s skepticism. “Like tonight, we do not have to respect those who go to document the war without personal feeling, without visuals, without rhetoric, without corpses, without showing his big face in front of what’s happening,” the press release concluded. .

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