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CNCO It was announced at 2022 Premios Juventud on Thursday (21 July) that they would disband after nearly seven years as a group. This news came as a surprise to many, including their fans, as the announcement came just over a year after Joel Pimentel shared his departure from the boy band on May 9, 2021.



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Watch the latest videos, infographics and news

painting He was able to catch up with the remaining CNCO members Christopher Velez, Eric Brian Colon, Richard Camacho and Zabdel de Jesus just a day before news broke at the awards ceremony. “We feel nervous but at the same time excited and anxious,” Colon says exclusively. painting. He added that the decision to separate was amicable.

“We always thought that if we broke up, it had to be normal, and that’s what happened,” de Jesus explains. “We have lived many things together, we have grown together in this industry, and we are ready to try new things to expand our careers. We are very excited.”

The Latin A boy band formed in December 2015 after winning the Univision Contest no pandabehind multiple painting Among them are “Reggaeton Lento”, “Hey DJ” and “Se Vuelve Loca”. Three of their albums reached #1 on the Latin Pop Albums chart, including Primera Setawho spent eight weeks at the top in 2016. They received seven Billboard Latin Music Awards, including New Artist of the Year in 2017.

But after a successful tour that spanned less than a decade, the boys started to part ways.

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“It hurts us because it is a huge step in our lives that will lead us to our individual careers but it is exciting at the same time because we are willing to experiment and try to find our voice and our uniqueness,” Velez notes. “Just because we broke up doesn’t mean we’ll stop seeing each other, we’re simply trying new challenging things. I know we’ll see each other on the way to composing or working together. We have faith that the outcome will be great.”

Although the band announced their split, CNCO will run for another year and a half, promising more new music, an album, tour, and their upcoming series on Disney+.

“CNCO opened doors for us in the industry and now we have more opportunities to continue writing and meet other people, get into the studio and create new feelings,” Camacho explains. “Ultimately, we have a lot of love and we want to make sure that everyone feels part of this family because everyone contributed and without you, we are no one. This is not negative at all, it is very positive. At the end of the day, we want to grow and enjoy life. Maybe. In the future, we’ll be back. Who do you know?”

As for their loyal fan base, CNCO owners say we love them from the start. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible. I know they would follow our solo careers and support us. The love will always be mutual. We will become better artists to make the best music. They know we love them. “.

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CNCO, signed to Sony Music Latin and directed by Walter Kolm, is currently touring with its single “Plutón” with the help of OS Kenia.

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