What is Transnistria and why is it strategic – Europe

Transnistria is a part of Moldova on the Russian-occupied border with Ukraine.The. It is a small self-proclaimed independent organization not recognized by the UN. There will be Russian troops inside, the size of which we do not know well, and for several days there has been talk of strengthening this Russian military force by sending para and air troops.

Traspole, the capital of Transnistria, is less than 100 kilometers from Odessa, and for Vladimir Putin it will mark the West Bank to unleash a further offensive with a pincer maneuver. By carrying tanks and missiles from the southwest, Traspole could lock Odessa up to three times.: Russian troops from the east bombard ships stationed in the Black Sea and transfer forces from northwest to Transnistria. It is also considered a hunting ground for the business of many oligarchy and is always enriched by lucrative smuggling. In fact, Transnistria is the last remaining Soviet state, with one party ruling its strings in Moscow.

Transnistria – according to unconfirmed estimates – should be around 1,500 between Russian and Moldovan local soldiers and officers.. But no one knows which weapons and how many weapons are hidden in the tens and tens of kilometers of underground and bunkers derived from the Soviet era. For now, without trusting Trospole, Ukrainian suppliers have already blown up a railway bridge.. The Ukrainian Secret Service confirms: “We have observed the re-establishment of Russian troops and sections of the self-proclaimed republic of the Republic of Transnistria to carry out provocations and possible military action against us.”

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