What it gave to Russia, the background of the sacred chambers – Libero Codidiano

Giuliano Amato At the center of diplomatic negotiations between Italy And Russia. The war in Ukraine, as Courier recalls, has put a strain on relations between the European and world constitutional courts. The action of the Russian man who decided to withdraw from the conference uniting the courts of the continent did not only surprise Italy. The Baltic states demanded his expulsion, and in return Moscow decided to fight “political interference” against “legal principles” based on relations between the various European courts.

And leader in this context Constitutional Court, Giuliano Amato. With diplomatic action “Thin Doctor” would have avoided a total breakdown by keeping the channel of dialogue with the Russian and Belarusian constitutional judges open. At the summit of the Steering Bureau of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice (WCCJ), Amado presented a proposal for a resolution that would allow Moscow judges to remain in the world forum by adhering to common principles and values. For international forums like WCCJ.

The proposal received a green light for eight Member States Of the 12, only one voted against and three abstained. The resolution underscores the importance of respecting the fundamental principles of democracy, the rule of law and human rights in accordance with the obligations derived from being a member of the WCCJ. Practice them. Finally, it emphasizes that “the Bureau promotes greater cooperation than ever before between the Constitutional Courts, which are a stronghold in the defense of democracy and the rule of law.”

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