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From Francesca Passo, Carlo Portoni, Tario de Vigo, Massimo Khaki, Federico Fubini, Giuseppe Sarcina, Vincenzo Tryon, Franco Venturini

Will Putin’s Russia occupy Ukraine? Will we see Trump coming back? Is Art Digital? Will our way of life change? Expert Answers

Will Putin’s Russia Really Occupy Ukraine?

War will take place in Ukraine? Probably not. Why a Putin It is very costly in terms of economic and financial constraints. Biden will tear off the West’s guarantor’s mask as the president announces he will not intervene militarily in the event of a Russian invasion. Both can not pull too hard and can not lose face in front of the house. For this reason, it opens on January 10th. After White House-Kremlin phone calls, Despite consultations with the United States this time, negotiations on the defense of a continent of immense importance to Europe were sidelined. Putin’s initial demands are unacceptable, and he knows it for sure

Hundreds of thousands of people stationed on the Ukrainian border are wanted for now Encourage dialogue with Biden, Reach a solid but unspoken compromise: Russian troops will return to forces, Ukraine will not join NATO. In short, take the time. But be careful, because if this agreement is not reached, Putin will have to do something in the military in Ukraine so as not to discredit himself at home. For example, opening the way to reach the annexed Crimea by land. (Paulo Valentino)

Will we see the arrival of Trump and the Trumpians?

Despite being banned from Facebook and Twitter, the angry backlash Donald Trump Has come with Biden’s first year as president. In 2022, the Trumpians and their leaders will be open again. Purpose: To undermine the majority Democrats in the House and Senate in the midterm elections scheduled for November 1st. Donald plans to tackle both the judicial inquiry and the parliamentary commission inquiry into the affairs of the Trump organization.Attack on Capitol Hill on January 6 Last year. If so, Trump could announce his 2024 presidential candidate after the election. However, its dominance over the Republican Party and the Conservative world in general is beyond question. The right-wing media, led by Fox News, has long sidelined moderate voices. Fact: Traditional lenders are looking for alternatives that are not possible. Meanwhile, the former president has already raised $ 1.2 billion from mysterious institutional investors Start its social site: True, La Verit.
(Giuseppe Sarcina)

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Will inflation resume in the US and Europe?

The success of the central banks Predict inflation in 2021 Anyone should be advised not to spell in 2022. Christine LagardeThe head of the ECB said in January that the pace of inflation would be 1.3% a year in the coming months. Speaking at the Federal Reserve Summit Inflation is more stubborn than the long-term target (2%). In contrast today it is 6.8% in the US and 4.9% in the euro area, but that is not the outlook of central bankers. Taking into account the myriad health, business, political, demographic or logistics variables that affect prices is a complex issue that can be very difficult even for the most talented. But if we accept the understanding of the economy rather than how the ant understands its meadow, we can describe the landscape from our perspective: inflation will return almost (but not immediately) to its banks in Italy and Europe. In the United States, the central bank or the White House should tighten rates or subsidies to control inflation.. Washington officials dare to challenge Wall Street officials. And voters. (Federico Fubini)

Will work stop being the key to our identity?

IA defined social event in the United States at the beginning of 2021 Big resignation – Mass resignation from hard or low paid jobs – is changing Great restoration: Not to give up work, but to redefine it and reconsider its weight in everyday life. A process that manifests itself in different ways and in different levels of severity in many countries, including Europe: from Germany and Great Britain to countries with a shortage of truck drivers, to countries with a tourism industry, Italy struggling to find staff for restaurants and hotels. The impact of this reconsideration – triggered by the Govt effects and the split in the lives of all of us – will be strong in the United States for two reasons: First, work (and its income) defines American identity. Than the case of Italians and Europeans in general. During this period, sudden manpower shortages were taken advantage of (in order to retire early) Baby boomers And for immigration barriers) Many in the United States have been able to enjoy better working conditions (perhaps remotely) or have moved from harder and more exposed jobs – from staff to nurses – to better-paying and more productive jobs. (Massimo Khaki)

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Will coal consumption increase despite pollution?

Power generation undergoes a type of short circuit: The European Union aims for climate neutrality by 2050 e It works to decarbonize All sectors of the economy support the electrification of services and production from renewable sources, while the greater demand for energy is met immediately by the use of fossil sources. China, which produces 60% of its energy from 11% of coal in the EU, decided last October to increase its production and domestic consumption (but no longer fund coal plants in Africa). When it comes to energy, the choices are always long because a plant is not built overnight. But also the damage of CO2. Not changing our habits now will have an impact on the not-too-distant future. However Rising gas prices have raised doubts about the sustainability of the EU’s green choices In the global scenario where China and India are still going for coal. And EU countries that use nuclear energy, which does not produce CO2 but have a radioactive waste problem, hold on to it until the end, except for the twists in the EU’s green classification. (Francesca Paso)

Does everyone agree that the electric car is the future?

No, there is a perception that the debate and controversy over the electric car will continue throughout 2022. Brussels has been selected and the Italian government has set a deadline of 2035. Manufacturers’ resistance should not diminish, either explicitly or implicitly. In fact according to a detailed report Financial Times This has been increasing more and more in recent days. In fact, the pace of change is competing and somehow aims to change the date to 2035, while the debate (and vice versa) has centered on so-called technological neutrality. The EU has the right to set the objectives of climate change But it is not possible to recommend a single technology (electricity) to achieve it, argues Italian Confindustria. It presupposes other solutions such as hydrogen or synthetic biofuels. But is the development of these solutions – and the respective refueling infrastructure – in line with the 2035 stop date? As a result it is difficult to answer if the variation in time and technology becomes intertwined and inevitably complicated. (Tario de Vigo)

Will we see the end of the society we know?

With the exception of dystopian stories, communities do not end there. As in The last of the men From Margaret Atwood The The shadow of the scorpion From Stephen King. But even in the most apocalyptic tales in which humanity is reduced to a shimmer, there is always a need to rebuild the social structure. Now, we are not in a dystopia, but there is no denying that something is changing and something has already changed. As always happens to those who experience long-term change, we do not know what is changing. So even in 1939 Norbert Elias We have already declared the community of individuals, and today we look at the rare aspect of social, emotional relationships and solidarity. While we cannot free ourselves from the desire for community, we must feel part of the wholeness of it. Then there are things that suddenly change. In them we must pay attention. These are unexpected and huge events that force us to change our behavior. But they are not the end of society. Maybe we can talk about the latter community, after which we can only imagine the signals we can feel in everyday life. Should not be ignored because it is guaranteed not to back down. (Carlo Portoni)

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After NFT, is art just digital?

Let’s practice Mixed model. At work, at school. And in art. They do not have to be prophetic to imagine the immediate future as they live together, live together, and strengthen each other online and offline. Digital. And corporal. First, we meet artists who have the courage to adhere to it Media field, Creating sketches with advanced tools and programs, circulating on specific sites, undermining the many cults of the art market: not reproducible and interchangeable files, but high-tech sketches, not very different from 3D prints, collectible, cryptocurrencies, technically impossible Copy, certify, legalize them and guarantee their authenticity and uniqueness. NFT event revealed. Still, these paradigm shifts do not eliminate the need to rediscover the primitive practice: painting. Because painting is like telling a story. It is an unquenchable intuition that represents a particular way of seeing and representing the world. So, digital does not wipe out health, but feeds on it and feeds on it. (Vincenzo Tryon)

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