Yankees add extra security to the game after the mess of littering

The Yankees are taking steps to try to avoid a repeat of what happened The ugliness that happened at the end of Saturday’s match In the Bronx.

A team spokesperson said there will be more security at Yankee Stadium on Sunday afternoon as the Yankees host the Guardians. About an hour before the first Sunday, there appeared to be a security guard stationed in the front row of the right-hand square and another in the section next to Guardians Hall in center-left square.

Tensions escalated at the bottom of Saturday’s ninth inning between fans in the stadium seats and the Guardians, resulting in Beer and trash are thrown into the field While the Yankees celebrated their victory in the first round.

The chaotic situation began after Cleveland’s Stephen Cowan crashed into the left field wall in an attempt to capture Izia Keener Valiva’s double. With coach and manager Terry Francona looking after Kwan, Guardians quarterback Miles Straw climbed a wall to confront a fan who said he was making fun of Kwan.

Fans threw beer and trash on the field at the end of the Yankees’ win over the Guardians on Saturday.
Robert Sabo

after that Gleyber Torres hit single That Straw and right-hand man Oscar Mercado chased near the warning lane, fans began throwing beer and trash in their direction onto the field.

Then both teams ran to the right field, as the Yankees tried to get their fans to settle down and stop throwing things.

Guardians quarterback Miles Straw confronts a fan at Yankee Stadium on Saturday.
Guardians quarterback Miles Straw confronts a fan at Yankee Stadium on Saturday.
Robert Sabo

After the game, Straw described Yankees fans as “the worst fan base on the planet.”

“I mean, that’s an emotional reaction to the moment,” Aaron Boone said on Sunday. “I definitely get that, but I’d disagree with that.”

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