Yavoriv- arrested a former KGB agent who supported the coup through Corriere.it

The 70-year-old was born in Lviv. According to the indictment, he would have given signs of the presence of foreign volunteers: at least 61 people died in the operation. Kiev also announced the arrest of a deputy and four spies living in the capital.

Spies will never stand still, they have no chance to retire. Some are reluctant, but mentally they have some habits. Others are ready to return to the game. It depends on the situation, the call, the emergency. Maybe this is the story A former agent arrested by the Ukrainians has been charged with complicity in a serious attack. Seventy years, past in the Russian KGB, born and still living in the Lviv region in the western part of the country. Based on the investigation It will play an important role In March 13 Bombing of the Yavoriv Coordination Center: On that day, missile rain destroyed the camps where foreign soldiers and volunteers were staying, a few kilometers from the Polish border.

It was a severe blow, with a severe number: initially the authorities talked about about thirty victims, then The number rose to 61. According to Moscow, 180 people died, including foreigners: Dutch, Germans and Americans. The International Brigade formed hastily after the invasion. Elements Conducted on this site, immediately identified by Moscow informants The one who shoots with long-range weapons, without wasting time.

Sbu Counter Investigations That Mole – A Veteran Player Tied to the Thai Company – It does not only provide information about the existence of targets, But made the shot more accurate. A mission carried out with the help of a partner who sent him information using a hidden chat on the telegram. More convenient method than older settingsWhen using a simple handwritten paper, a photo, microfilms, quickly changed without speaking during a quick meeting.

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Services have many settings, Men and women are trained in techniques that arouse little suspicion In the case of predators. 007 can simply report what it finds or provide its interaction with notes left at a predetermined point or by sitting on a bar bench, on a bar on a meter walkway, and sometimes moving them fast. . The heirs of the KGB, as many studies have shown, combine tradition and modernityThey always have a dual approach to seeking effective shortwave radios – to get orders – e They often focus on long-term penetration. From this point of view, Ukrainian theater is favorable because Russia has invested resources of money and commitment, counting sympathies.

Security services are always notified Accusation of MP Andre Derkach, Recruited in 2016 and commissioned by Russia Crane to open leading companies across the country, a network aimed at facilitating the acquisition of the entire territory. For this, he received a considerable sum of money from Moscow customers. This was probably part of it One of the projects approved by the Kremlin in the months leading up to the invasion, The plans went awry because the network could not add the right people or those selections failed. We talked about Mistakes, money given to wrong friends, arrogance.

At the same time, they were safe in Kiev, they knew about the dangers, they really are He assigned the task of finding the fifth column to a special unit: Official sources say hundreds of collaborators ended up in handcuffs. There will be even these Four Kru agents live in the Ukrainian capitalFrom where they monitored the positions of the armed forces, they collected military data, geographically strategic objectives, trying to persuade the locals to change sides and support Russia: The group was activated at the beginning of the conflict And coordinated by Valentin Tililim, representative of the self-proclaimed Republican Services of the Republic of Lugansk. The security forces announced their arrest on July 1.

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We are always inside A nebulous, hybrid region, Each presents a version. It takes time to reconstruct the expansion of many events, and it is not even said that it is an emerging fact. Lies are (after all) part of the arsenal.

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