“Zhelensky is dressed like someone …”, a confusing comment – Libero Cotidiano

On Saturday night TV, at the gates of summer, it offers us BroadcastLed the show Consita de Gregorio And David Borek And aired on La7. The show also hosted the court on Saturday evening, June 18th.

The conflicts in Ukraine, the effects of the Russian invasion and sanctions are still at the center of attention. Including all of the week Mario Tracy – With Emmanuel Macron And Olaf Scholes – Visited Ukraine and met with his local Prime Minister Volodymyr Zhelensky.

At this Broadcast That visit was openly talked about. Concita’s comment sparked interest and was re-launched several times on social media. Display on screens Photo of a handshake between Draghi and Zhelensky in Kiev, One you can see below, and here de Grigorio comments on the casual look of the Ukrainian: “He is dressed like a worker”. And one wonders: So is Tracy wearing nothing? Descendants will judge.

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