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“L ‘Ukraine needs help: Modern goods, food, weapons and equipment “, said the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky Speaking at a video link at the ISPI Global Policy Forum in Milan. “What we want is an end to the war. Our land does not belong to anyone else. We defend our common goals and values ​​with Europe. This is an integral factor for us, and I believe we have achieved that. Candidate status. The EU should only consider us as equal partners. When asked about the vote in parliament tomorrow, former Prime Minister Mario Monti said, “Please support us. What we want is an end to the war and our land does not belong to anyone else.” We defend our common goals and values ​​with Europe. For us it is an integral factor and that is why I believe we have got it. Candidate status. The EU should only consider us as equal partners. For any talks with Russia, we “need security guarantees for the future – Gelensky said – and we believe that Italy should be among the guarantors. We thank the Italian government for its support.” “Please support us,” Zelensky added.

“Tough talks are underway to block Ukrainian ports,” he later said Zhelensky To the African Union.

Zelensky: ‘Historic week, we will get an answer from the EU on the candidacy’

News coming from the domain
Two civilians were killed and 12 others were injured in a Russian military missile strike in the Donetsk region in the last 24 hours, according to Pavlo Kirlenko, head of the regional military administration, citing UNIAN. Kyrilenko said that enemy forces in the district were trying to establish full control over the village of Pogorodichne and to create conditions for developing attacks on Sloviansk. Russian airstrikes on Hirsch, Vrubievka and Lysyansk, fighting continues in Severodonetsk. The British Ministry of Defense describes the limited success of Russian progress as “continuing to provide wind power” with Moscow’s limited aviation capability. Three workers were injured in an attack on the oil depots of the Ukrainian Crimean-based gas company Chernomorneptegas. Crimean President Sergei Aksyonov wrote in his Telegram channel on Monday that this was the case with Russian agencies. “I have been in contact with the Ministry of Defense and FSB (Federal Security Service) colleagues since this morning. We are working to rescue people. There were 12 people at the drilling sites, five of whom were rescued and three others are still being searched,” Aksyonov said.
“After the alarm went off at 2pm local time,” missile attacks were reported in Odessa. Ukrainska Pravda quoted Deputy Oleksi Honsarenko in the Telegram and appealed for asylum in “airstrikes”. Kyiv Independent reports that “explosions” took place in the Ukrainian city, citing a spokesman for the regional administration. The explosion was heard after the air strike sirens sounded

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Draft of the EU Summit
“The European Union reiterates its strong support for Ukraine for its economic, military, social and economic repercussions.” This is what we read 23 and 24 June In the first draft of the Council of Europe, In the chapter on Ukraine. It will be a provisional draft, which will be on the table of the Public Affairs Council in Luxembourg tomorrow, and in the next few hours will be included in the speech of the summit’s position on granting candidate status to Kiev.

The European Union, as the draft continues, is committed to providing further military support to assist Ukraine in action. Defensive In its action against the Russian occupation and in the defense of regional integrity and sovereignty. ” Demands.

“This is a powerful signal that needs to be felt beyond our borders, and a sign of our strength and unity, support for the three countries of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, especially in Moscow,” the L. High envoy said. At the conclusion of the Foreign Council in Luxembourg, Joseph Borel spoke on the “historic moment” that Europe was experiencing, with the Commission’s recommendation to provide a European perspective to all three countries. “Ministers today renewed their commitment to military assistance to Kiev: the war continues, will continue, and every day there is a great burden on human lives. Putin seems to want to physically destroy Ukraine. Ukraine is a nation.” “We will support it as long as Ukraine needs it, but we are asking for a ceasefire to export grain,” he said.

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Joe Biden thinks Ukraine’s membership in the European Union is “very possible”. The president told reporters in Deolare. He added that he was unlikely to go to Ukraine on his next trip to Europe.

“It is good to welcome President von Der Layne ahead of next week’s NATO summit in Madrid. NATO and the EU stand by Ukrainians defending themselves against Russia’s brutal war. We will support Ukraine for a long time. President Ursula van der Leyen received.

‘Use Prohibited Weapons’
An analysis by the New York Times showed – meanwhile – “Russia makes extensive use of cluster munitions in Ukraine Prohibited by some international treaties “.” Relations with the United States – meanwhile Dmitry Medvedev writes – Kelvin Zero. Now we have no contact with them. There is no need to dissolve them today or negotiate with them. Let them drive or crawl. And they appreciate it as a special help. “Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s deputy chairman of the Security Council and an ally of President Putin, wrote on social media about the possibility of further negotiations on nuclear deals. The Guardian reports.” The person who had a direct relationship with START-3 (the agreement between the United States and the Russian Federation on the reduction of nuclear weapons) and the person who signed it in 2010, I believe the time for new negotiations is very inappropriate, “he added.

EU talks on Berlin, northern Macedonia and Albania immediately
“We welcome the Commission’s recommendation on Ukraine and Moldova. This is a historic moment. And began negotiations to merge with Albania Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach Came to the Foreign Council in Luxembourg.

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