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Fake drones in a fountain in Abu Dhabi, Yemen (Ansa) Sanaa

Rome, January 17, 2022 – Abu Dhabi Under attack. In the capital United Arab Emirates The ensuing attack caused a series of explosions and fires Drones Launched from Sanaa Airport in Yemen. Three tankers carrying oil have collided in Musaffah’s industrial area near oil company Adnoc warehouses. A fire broke out at a construction site at Abu Dhabi International Airport, local police explained on their Twitter account. Issuer Al-Arabia He pointed out that air traffic was not affected by the fire, which is currently under control. Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident: the number of attacks will be At least three people were killed and six were injured. “One Pakistani national and two Indian nationals were killed and six others were injured in the incident,” said Wam, the official Emirati news agency.

The Shia Houthi militants, Iranian thread, have Claimed the right to attack: Shortly before the explosions they announced that they would launch a “broad military campaign”. Prior to the claim, Abu Dhabi agents reported the presence of “small flying objects”, indicating an attack by drones. Emirates is part of the Riyadh-led Arab military alliance and is engaged against the Houthis in Yemen.

Analysis Why Drone Warning Should Frighten Us – c. De Carlo

The coalition said today it had intercepted three other drones fired by Yemeni rebels from Sanaa airport into southern Saudi Arabia. “We are noticing a hostile trend Use of drones By the Houthis – said a spokesman -. Several bomb drones have been launched from Sanaa International Airport, he explained. Houthi militants have threatened to launch “more vicious attacks” against Emirates if it does not end its aggression against it. “To Yemen.

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Anwar Karkash, a diplomatic adviser to the president of the United Arab Emirates, described today’s attack as “Houthi aggression” and stressed that Yemeni militants. It will not disrupt the security of the country. The United Arab Emirates has insisted that the attack was “not punishable”, with the Foreign Ministry saying “they have the right to respond to these terrorist attacks and this heinous crime escalation”, describing the attacks as a “heinous crime”.

International reactions

L ‘European union He denounced what had happened and launched an appeal for a “political solution.” “Attacks on civilian and civilian infrastructure are unacceptable – reads a statement from Joseph Borel’s spokesman for Foreign Policy. Further He-she-it, United States e England They condemned the attack Saudi Arabia e Bahrain They called the operation a “terrorist act.”

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