Olympic Breaking explained: The new event at Paris 2024 Olympics

Olympic Breaking explained: The new event at Paris 2024 Olympics

Breakdancing, also known as breaking, is set to make its much-anticipated debut at the Paris Olympics 2024, just 100 days away [1]. Joining us today to discuss this exciting development is Karam Singh, also known as K-Kid, a hopeful for Team GB’s breaking team [1].

Breaking Takes Center Stage

Singh expresses his enthusiasm about breaking’s inclusion in the Olympics. “It provides us with a massive definition and it’s a massive stage for us,” he says [1]. He acknowledges the significance of the Olympics, highlighting that for many sports, there’s nothing bigger [1]. For breakdancing athletes, this is the pinnacle achievement.

The Qualification Process

The road to Paris hasn’t been easy. Singh describes the grueling 18-month qualification process, which involved traveling and competing internationally to accumulate ranking points. From a starting pool of around a thousand hopefuls, only the top 16 will qualify for the Olympics [1].

How Breaking Competitions Work

For viewers unfamiliar with breaking, Singh explains the concept of “battles.” These competitions typically involve multiple rounds, with breakers showcasing their skills in a judged format [1]. Judges evaluate factors like creativity, execution, and overall performance to determine the winner of each round. Singh highlights the freestyle aspect, where breakers respond to the music and each other’s moves, creating a dynamic and exciting competition [1].

Singh’s Journey to Breaking

Singh’s passion for breaking began in 2006, inspired by a breakdancing move he saw in a music video [1]. He found a local crew practicing at a park and never looked back. Despite initial challenges, his love for the art form kept him going [1].

Breaking’s Future

Singh believes that inclusion in the Olympics will significantly elevate breaking’s status. It will gain more recognition from people and organizations, solidifying breaking as a legitimate sporting discipline [1]. Moreover, it will inspire a new generation to get involved, with Singh himself eager to share his passion with his granddaughter [1].

Trying a Move at Home

For viewers curious about trying breaking themselves, Singh demonstrates a simple top rock move called the “salsa step.” This move involves alternating leg kicks and a small jump, offering a taste of the basic elements of breaking [1].

Looking Ahead to Paris

With the Olympics fast approaching, Singh is focused on peak performance. He highlights his signature headspin as a potential advantage, but emphasizes the importance of overall energy and character [1].

Karam Singh’s story and enthusiasm for breaking are sure to capture the imagination of audiences worldwide. As breaking takes center stage at the Paris Olympics, viewers can expect an electrifying display of athleticism, artistry, and competitive spirit.

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