Accusations between Kiev and Moscow-

Explosions at Olenivka detention center: At least 53 dead and an unknown number injured. A sense of guilt is resurfacing, prompting an investigation in both countries

“Hello. We have bad news here. Have you heard them already?” telegram. A conversation – presumably between two Russian soldiers – was soon picked up there Massacre of prisoners in Olenivka detention center
In Donetsk.

The “bad news” was explosions at a penal colony for prisoners of war controlled by pro-Russian militias: at least 53 dead and an unknown number of injured Ukrainians, except for one Russian soldier in custody. I don’t know how many of those prisoners were famous Azov BattalionThose who resisted were under fire for nearly three months in the bowels of the steel mill Azovstalto do Mariupol.

According to the Ukrainian security services, the intercepted conversation after the attack confirms the responsibility of the Russians, although they categorically deny – through the mouth of the head of the Donetsk Republic Denys Bushil – Kiev accused “intentionally”. The bombing was to silence the soldiers of Azovstal and avoid their “witnesses of the crimes committed”. A resurgence of guilt drives every trial in both countries. But what do the two interlocutors who asserted Russian responsibility for Kiev say? They say “190 and more prisoners were moved from three camps two days ago” to the detention center set up in an “industrial area”. By Olenivka. They say that the transferees “came from Azovstal”, after all, they comment on how far the missile hypothesis is, because the window panes “did not shatter”, for example, and then “You. There was no sound of incoming missiles. The call was Russians (“They did it themselves” , “It’s very possible”) with comments on the hypothesis and ends with a theory: “They must have explosives in it.” Inside, that is, among prisoners of war. “An undeniable act of terrorism by the armed forces of occupation” is the description of Ukrainian intelligence Ukraine Pravda

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The same intelligence agency says it “has information” according to which the massacre took place “Performed by Wagner Mercenaries Under the personal command of the owner Yevhen Prigozhinand without coordination with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The voice of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister was heard about the massacre at Olenivka Dmytro Kuleba: “Thrilling. It was the Russians who fired the artillery to accuse Ukraine of committing war crimes and covering up torture and executions. And the president Volodymyr Zelensky: «The aim is to discredit Ukraine in front of our partners and stop the arms supply. It was a premeditated massacre. We ask for a reaction from the UN and international organizations ».

Founder and former leader of the Azov Battalion, Andriy Piletsky
Instead a declared “Hunting” without quarter for all responsible., “a people ignorant of the concept of respect for officers and above all of observance of the rules, laws and customs of war of the Geneva Conventions”. One horror — that of Olenivka — is accompanied by another horror A video circulating on Telegram channels shows soldiers in Russian camouflage throwing a Ukrainian prisoner of war.. Is it all true? Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to President Zelensky, believes it and declares the picture to be authentic. Yesterday’s attacks on Mykolaiv were real – very real, unfortunately: cluster bombs killed at least five people and injured seven more at a bus stop. Missiles (without casualties) in the center of Kharkiv, woke up to explosions at four in the morning.

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