Andrew Wiggins has cemented his Arc of Salvation into the 5 Win Warriors game

before this season Andrew WigginsThe playoff appeal consisted of five games with Minnesota in 2018. Wiggins averaged 15.8 points in that series and the T-Wolves were eliminated in the first round. In 20 postseason games this year, Wiggins averaged 16 points. He collects 7.3 rebounds. And after an effort of 26 points and 13 rebounds in Game 5, he propelled the Warriors to win the championship once.

It was Golden State 104, Boston 94 on Monday, as the Warriors grabbed the 3-2 lead. After defeating the Celtics in Game Four, Golden State came out hot, racing to early 27-16 in the first quarter. Wiggins scored seven points in the first and led the Warriors’ defense which held the Celtics with 34.8%.

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