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Not just tanks, missiles, warplanes and warships. Pinscher maneuvers are not the only ones that make it even more dangerous for men and the imbalance of means. In the scene of the Russian occupation against Ukraine, the entire arsenal of the dirty war, sidelined by conventional attacks, exploded with low blows. There are posts and videos from the international media that open up confusing views. Announcements-condemnations of the use of prohibited weapons and verifiable covert operations are being issued by companies in Kiev.
“Attention! In the Sumi region, Russian planes are scattering valuables full of children’s toys, cell phones and ammunition,” it was launched on Twitter by the Ukrainian parliament Versovna Rada about the city in the northeastern part of Ukraine. Violent fighting broke out on the border with Russia yesterday.
The Ukrainian media reported information obtained by Kiev intelligence about possible Russian chemical attacks under the false flag in the territories held by Donetsk Donetsk separatists, the responsibility of which will be attributed to Kiev. According to the same source, gas masks were distributed to pro-Russian locals and the military in Moscow to protect themselves from possible explosions of industrial tanks containing chemicals.
Instead, systems mounted on the chassis of T-72 tanks capable of launching missiles equipped with T0S-1, fire-fighting and thermoparic warships posted a video on Twitter by CNN correspondent Frederik Pleitgen watching Russian military trucks carrying T0S-1 on their way to the Ukrainian border. . Not only do they explode in a closed space, but thermoparic weapons generate a very strong pressure wave, which can tear the internal organs of bystanders. The “most chaotic development” defines the Guardian, recalling how the T0S-1 system was first used during the Soviet war in Afghanistan and more recently in Chechnya and Syria.
And Chechen fighters can not disappear in Putin’s dirty war, a tough slip in the Russian president’s hole for targeted eliminations. According to some British media, citing a Moscow telegram channel linked to the intelligence service, Chechen Special Forces ‘poachers’ arrived in Ukraine and were issued ‘cards’ with the task of arresting or killing high-ranking officials. Photos of the main objectives. A presence was confirmed by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. Fighters from the Chechen National Guard in Ukraine, in the framework of a special operation launched by Russia, promised Putin’s bloody ally in a video message in the Telegram that he had “suffered no casualties.”

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