Canelo Alvarez vs. Dimitri Bevol: Comprehensive Live Updates

MMA Fighting has Canelo Alvarez vs.Dmitry Bivol live updates round by round of one of the best boxing fights of the year Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The main event will begin around 11 p.m. ET. Verify Results for Canelo vs. Bivol page to see what happened on the bottom card.

Alvarez (57-1-2), who is expected to make $15 million fighting ahead of the PPV sale, is competing for the first time this year. He destroyed Caleb Plant on his last flight last November.

Dimitri Bevol (19-0), who is set to make about $2 million fighting ahead of PPV sales, will also make his debut this year. Bevol is defending his WBA light heavyweight title in the competition.

Check out the live blog for the main event Canelo vs. Bivol below.

The bottom card has been rolled up and the title will start soon.

Champion Dmitry Bevol came out first.

Canelo Alvarez is now out on a great cover for Europe Final countdown.

first round: Bevol gets a jab straight out of the gate. Canelo approaches with a hook, but has plenty of distance to go. Bevol just clicks on Canelo’s keeper. Canillo for the body. Bivol keeps a steady stream of punches bouncing off Canelo’s arms. pass bevol strike. Canelo closes the distance, but Bivol gets off the ropes and handles pressure well. Not much to score yet.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Bevol.

second round: Bevole still pumped that punch. He didn’t want to give Canelo a second to think. Bevol scores with 1-2. Canelo walks in and misses him with a capital letter. Bivol’s quick hands keep Canelo on the defensive. Canelo throws hard left at the body. Right hook from Canelo to the body, then another left. Canelo gives a right to the flesh. Bevol answers with a set of three punches. Bevol warned against pushing him. Canelo slips in another left hook into the body. Bevol’s hit is there, but he needs to start throwing to do damage and not just feel Canelo out.

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MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 19-19.

Third round: Bevol off with Canelo’s body shot. He shoots his body, and that gives him a chance to get 1-2 that land on Canelo. Canelo wanted to land hard, but was blocked. Bevol raises the score as he scores with straight punches. Canelo replies that Bevol’s back is on the line, but he still defends well. Hard left lands to Bevol after a short spell from Canelo. Canelo is looking for that top, Bivol hasn’t let that pass yet. There is a large shovel by Canelo score. Bivol supports Canelo and puts some straight shots together.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Bevol. In general, 29-28 bevol.

Fourth round: Canelo throws heavy punches, Bevol has a good goalkeeper and he deflects punches. Canelo slaps Bevol’s body. Bevol gets on his stomach to communicate and rightly follows the body. Bevol scores at the top, Canelo wants to advance but is facing problems. His right hand from Canelo wraps around the guard of Bevol, Bevol gets out of there. Bevol gets Canelo up against the ropes and gets to work. Canelo finds a home for that top at the end of the round.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Bevol. In general, 39-37 bevol.

Fifth round: Bevol’s hit still caused Canelo problems. Canelo is ahead though. Canelo swears well, but Bevol responds emphatically with a combination as Canelo leans on the ropes. Canelo tells him to bring it up, but Bevol doesn’t bite. Bivol has a Canelo stuck in the range. Gap, Gap, then left for the body by Bevol.

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MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Bevol. In general, 49-46 bevol.

Round 6: Canelo lands a jab as he looks to match Bivol’s activity. He ran forward, but Bevol scored with a combination. Canelo throws hard, just don’t leave a clean landing. Uppercut is blocked by Canelo. Bevol signs Canelo with a blow to the body. Canelo with the right to the body. But Bevol’s defense is fine. Canelo lands a cake. Canelo is on the ropes, waiting for Bevol to get close enough to get a counter. Bevol was just fumbling with this hit, and Canelo was defending really well, but not responding.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 58-56 bivol.

Round 7: Bevole knocks the prick, Canelo with a good head movement but he doesn’t avoid them all. Bevol supports Canelo with a header as he steals punches there. Canelo wants to quarrel, but Bevol does not cooperate. Bivol wins the exchange and brings the fight back to the center of the ring. Canelo’s big shots are perfect.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Bevol. In general, 68-65 bivol.

Eighth round: Canelo pumps the punch and takes Bevol to the ropes. Fighters are warned to watch for head-banging. Canelo throws hooks, pressing Bevol, making his guard high and tight. Throws 1-2, explodes against the ropes, then scores a Bevol with a left hook through the chin. Canelo just hangs out in the corner, and Bevol remains patient while maintaining a jab there. Canelo scores for the body. Canelo with 1-2 down the middle. Bivol pushes aggressive Canelo down. He was quickly lifted by Bivol, but again cautioned against pushing Canelo’s head down.

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MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Bevol. In general, 78-74 bevol.

Round 9: Canelo immediately presses forward. Bivol resets the distance and returns to the punch. Bevol for the body. Canelo dodges Bevol’s punches, but doesn’t hold back. Canillo for the body. Bevol, just keep the gloves up. Canelo definitely scored with some of those close-up punches. Canelo rips the body apart. Gap to Bevol.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 87-84 bivol.

Round 10: Busy hands of bevol to open the tenth. Canelo again with plenty of head and body movement, but little offence. Bevol with a good hit. Canelo hits the body but takes 1-2 top response. Bevol hits the cap, Canelo is in the corner. Canelo attempts a confrontation but Bevol hits him with a punch to the right of the jaw. Canelo spins while Bevol keeps a steady stream of incoming straight punches.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Bevol. In general, 97-93 Bevol.

Round 11: Canelo stays in Bevol’s face and wants to attack his body, but Bevol is there with counter punches. Canelo hands low and uses Bivol to set up a hit set to score. Canelo with body hooks. Left counter scores for Bevol. Canelo looks frustrated as he picks Bivol off the carpet after Bivol gets a lock. Bevole shoots confidently now as his punches advance. Canelo swears the goalkeeper is right, but that seemed too late.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Bevol. In general, 107-102 bivol.

Round 12:

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