China’s Startling Text About America – Libero Quotidiano

Very high voltage between China And America. Taiwan is again at the center of conflict. China is urging the US to withdraw its arms sales program to Taiwan and halt all arms sales to the island, warning it will “take all necessary measures” to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. This is according to a statement by the Ministry of National Defense, referring to the latest US military technical assistance program for the island worth $108 million approved by the US State Department.

China, which claims sovereignty over Taiwan, “demands that the United States immediately withdraw the above sales plan and cease all arms sales to Taiwan,” the statement said, adding that “the future, security, interests and welfare of Taiwan Unable to buy them, “Taiwanese officials, dependent on the US, drink the poison just to quench their thirst.”‘Chinese People’s Liberation Army“It will take all necessary measures to firmly protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity and firmly oppose any external interference and separatist attempts at Taiwan’s independence,” the note concludes.

The harsh words come after a clash a few weeks ago, with China always asking the US to withdraw all forms of intervention on the island. A specific demand, apparently not taken up by the United States. Tensions in the region are rising day by day and war on Taiwan is no longer taboo.

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