Conflict at Trump home: Donald throws out his daughter Ivanka for not believing in “election theft”

New York – The horrific title, followed by many, made the Conservative site Drudgereport: “Don threw Ivanka under the bus.” But according to the testimony of Trump’s daughter, the color of the family feud is behind Commission of Inquiry into Attack on Congress On January 6, there are various aspects with important political and legal changes.

Ivanka revealed her first appearance with a short video, which aired during an audition on Thursday. Not long ago, Barr, the former secretary of the judiciary, defined his father’s allegations of electoral fraud as “bullshit”, which translates to “bullshit” in Italian. When asked about it, Favorite Daughter replied: “It had an impact on my view. I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he said.” Her husband, Jared Kushner, added that when Cipolon, the White House’s legal adviser, heard his resignation threat, he thought she was “just whining.” The former president responded from his factual platform: “Ivanka Trump has not been involved in examining the election results. He has been out for a long time, trying to respect the position he was bar and his secretary in my judgment. Justice (he sucked!)”.

Explanations from the family of the former president have read us three messages. First, reject Ivanka’s negative judgment, because even if you do not believe your daughter is the “big lie” that provoked the attack on Congress, there is no credible reason to overthrow the old democracy of the modern world. Second, to avoid a face-to-face confrontation, she insisted that she did not want to distance herself from her father, but to show mercy to Barry and respect his organizational position. Third, he makes it clear that he does not realize this need and urges supporters not to support the traitors.

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However, the problem is more serious than that. Ivanka has always been a favorite, in fact Donald took her with her husband Jared to Washington as an all-round consultant. He was a Democrat, a supporter of abortion, and even a longtime friend of Chelsea Clinton in liberal circles in New York, but he switched to the “Trump Republican” to take advantage of the opportunity to keep his father at the White House. His ambitions are beyond running a family business, and many still consider him a presidential candidate.

When his father lost the election, he and Jarrett quickly left. Two days later, after breakfast at Colorama’s luxury home, her husband told her that the family was moving to Florida and would not be participating in the campaign to change the decision. This was seen as a betrayal by Donald’s serious allies, but to some extent his opponents also believed in the moderate daughter’s quiet operation, precisely to avoid an eblog like the January 6 attack. Instead Ivanka and Jarrett left everything in the hands of characters like the exhausted Giuliani, with known results. She still talks to her father, but her husband has only visited Mar A Logo once, instead using the contacts he established during his presidency to create a $ 2 billion investment fund with trade from Arabia to Israel.

So Ivanka and Jarrett try to walk on an insidious suspended rope, avoiding breaking up with Donald if he runs in 2024 and wins, but cooperating with the room investigation and protecting themselves from the possible legal consequences of his mistakes. . It remains to be seen whether they will get the end of the rope intact, because on the one hand they run the risk of becoming the key to blaming Trump, and on the other hand they will not be released by public opinion.

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