Death and destruction by Eunice storm. Wind at 190km / h, scary pictures

Weather Video Chronicle: Death and Destruction by Eunice Storm. Winds up to 190km / h, scary pictures

There Eunice storm Has been attacking Great Britain in the last few hours The storm will blow at a speed of 196 kmph On the White Island, a Historic record for England. The live weather report confirms a number of inconveniences to the population, including the power outages in at least 400,000 homes.

In England, Holland and Ireland In particular, victims of fallen trees have been reported: a man drowned in a boat in the open sea and fell into the sea. TO London A woman was trapped under a large tree and died. Other victims will always be in the UK for reasons related to strong winds. Most discourse films come from Germany In the district
Hamburg, Where a boat (hydrofoil) was struck by a large wave. The boat was passing through the Elbe River, not in the open sea. After all, the reaction of those on board is amazing, they leave the room occupied by water, with great calm and serenity. Fortunately no injuries or casualties were reported (Excellent video)

Poland was also affected, Winds of 140-150km / h caused great inconvenience in the Krakw region. Impressive pictures of a large crane shot down by a hurricane with hurricane force winds.

According to experts,
Hurricane “Eunice” has been most severe in Great Britain in recent decades. But even in the next few days the approach to a new major catastrophe will not be ruled out, with the prospect of a return to bad weather across central and northern Europe, with even more widespread and potentially devastating extreme events.

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