Elections in France, pushing for Macron (27.4%) beyond contradictions. In a poll with Le Pen (24%) on April 24

Not surprisingly, the second round of fighting took place just like in 2017. Outgoing Chancellor Emmanuel Macron and challenger Marine Le Pen advance to the second round. Compared to the leaked exit polls from Belgium, this set the precedent for the National Leader of the Rose Assembly, the predictions released after the referendum changed the scene significantly. Macron was at 23.6 percent, while Marine Le Pen was at 23, while the left-leaning Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon with Insoumise reached 22.2 (and official figures are increasingly approaching the forecast, with Macro 27.4% and Le Pen at 24.15) not exceeding 7 percent. Eric Jemmour, journalist and columnist Eric Jemmur, disappointed on the far right. Inevitably, what happened when Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine on February 24 affected the outcome. Starting with Marine Le Pen, the Russian Tsar has always had a conversation with European sovereign and right-wing parties, to say the least. You avoided talking about it, you tried to take the election campaign to something else, while Macron did not get into this issue because he wanted a low profile, in office as president, in the role of someone to manage. An international crisis.

Macron kisses and hugs his wife, Brigitte, after the first round of the presidential election

The background, however, was: the closest right to Putin was in favor of Marcon, and for this reason, too, the gap was greater than expected, compared to opinion polls. The French president – the central man and leader of my march in La Republic – thus collected four points more than in 2017 when he reached 24 per cent in the first round. Paradoxically, however, even Marine Le Pen was 21.3 percent five years ago, which, according to some commentators, helped according to another paradox: being Zemmour, he appeared to be less extremist and moderate, promises. A section of the electorate. The Republican Party collapsed, with Valerie Brexit receiving less than 5 percent of the vote. Not to mention the Socialists, who call liberation a “déroute historique”, a historic failure: Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, Dupont-Aignan (Debout la France, 2.1 per per) is down less than 2 percent. St. Louis, also known as Le Pen, was voted in by Communist candidate Fabian Russell (2.3), Jean Lassall (in Resistance, 3.1) and ecologist Yannick Jodot (4.7).

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Elections in France, relief of EU leaders (and an aid to Draghi). The populist wave in Paris is worrying

What happens now? The ballot will be cast on April 24 and Macron will start with only 4.6 points in favor, separating him from Marine Le Pen. The latter should theoretically get the full votes of Zemmour, who openly sent his voters to vote for the right-wing candidate in the second round last night, citing immigration as one of his strong points. But the outgoing president, even if the second round results are not written, has more potential: in the second round, according to Ipsos’ opinion poll for French televisions, Macron collected 54 percent of the vote, 46. Mலlenchon issued a stern statement: “We must not give a single vote to Marine Le Pen.” But along with Yannick Jodot (“I urge the far right to be stopped”) and Valerie Briegresse (“Le Pen’s rise to good conscience must be stopped”) are worth more than 9 percent. Of macaroni. The turnout in France yesterday was 26 per cent, and we have to go back twenty years to find a higher turnout. The voter turnout in Paris is significant.

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