Havana Syndrome “None”

AGI – Almost sorry, because the story was so beautiful and brought back fond memories of youth, a third man wandering aimlessly through the cellars of Vienna when we were separated by a wall. But no, no: we were wrong. In fact, they were wrong. How to go and explain: The sad illusion of the senses, the flow of suggestion, the collective mental illness. The truth is, now the CIA is telling us that if the CIA says so it is more convincing than the Supreme Court: it is nothing. Nothing really.

That is why there is an idea about collective psychosis. Of course the victims were not there. They claim to have warned of those ear disturbances on the streets of Cuba, They felt nauseous, and then something had to be true, right? There will be more, but Langley tends to withdraw the hand of the Russians and Cubans, who – at least the chiefs – are no longer communists, but want to create enemies. The best on the market after the Nazis. They are there now too To occupy Ukraine. Trump would have put on a show.

In a nutshell: It was 2016 and a series of staff at the US Embassy in Cuba began to experience severe deafness and stomach problems. The same thing happened in the following years to US diplomats in other parts of the world, in this case Berlin and Vienna. How can you resist the temptation to see a new beginning of the Cold War there? Places, after all, are.

The investigation begins, and here are the results, which are tentative, so may turn upside down in the future, but in the meantime it’s like this: nothing comes out here except the invisible attack of the neurological weapons that drive the brain. . Who knows what it is. This is the old, unavoidable suggestion of the ray of death.

There are those who claim that not only Hitler was highly inspired by the esoteric rays, but also Mussolini. He is its prophet; There must have been none other than his Spenacchioto Guglielmo Marconi, especially since that time – the whole procession of Deus, who was on tour in Castelfusano – was trapped in the middle of the pine forest. The machine of ten fascist Italian machines of national production stopped turning. And near, he whispered to himself, Marconi was doing different experiments. But the genius will soon die, and then descend with conspiracy theories.

The former goes to a very easy prediction: this Havana syndrome will be talked about for a while, whether it is real or not, and not just because it is not strong enough to prevent the story of an amazing uproar. .

Moreover, this story has already been told and has long entered our DNA and our collective imagination. And if his mother does not know (the only profession in the world is much older than intelligence) the father, once, for sure. We reveal the name. This is Graham Green. Green, incidentally, was the creator of the Third Man and his shortcuts in the Viennese sewer in the 1950s.

As you can see, everything is: Vienna, Berlin, Spies and the Cold War. Havana, the land of dreams and chimeras, inevitably ended up in the middle (actually, the inspiration was given to him by a real character, but he acted in Tallinn, and you’re going to set up a novel if it did not match between Tallinn and Havana).

The agent in Havana, its inventor, was called James Warmold, and he sold vacuum cleaners for a living. Because he had a spending daughter, the money was not enough, and he accepted the plan to list MI6, which sent him to Cuba, which felt the winds of revolution and Barbados. Unable to do anything, he began to figure out, let alone collect information.

His statements, very detailed, excited those in London, gave him money and prompted him to write, and he wrote, they paid, and wanted more and more. He went so far as to send home a report with a plan to produce a new and scary weapon. To create it, simply put the pieces together in a vacuum cleaner and reassemble them. But he also proved to have short legs. They found it, however, in a very British way, and they decided to calm it all down: they encouraged it and put it behind a desk in London. The end of the story, the beginning of the myth.

Tomorrow maybe we will find out instead that all this is true, rays plots and more, in the meantime, we notice one thing: not the CIA Mi6, and admit the possible mistake. Many years after Graham Green, they may have decided that this was the only way to avoid returning to the Cold War. Do the one who was young in those days.

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