How to get merciless upgrades in V Rising

in V . heightPlayers will take on the role of a vampire as they build their castle, expand their empire, and craft powerful weapons and equipment to gain power. The game is currently still in early access and has already sold an impressive 500,000 units, and the number is still growing daily. Players can join different servers with a capacity of PvE or PVP servers.

However, no matter which server they choose, they gain the ability to defend themselves from hostile enemies and players Both is critical. To do this, players will need access to powerful weapons and armor. While the game uses a progressive rarity and quality system, players should always try to access more powerful versions of these items called Merciless Upgrades in V Rising.

How players can get merciless upgrades in V Rising

Players can access Merciless upgrades in many different ways within the game. While none of these methods are foolproof, they are the most effective way to get them. However, all of these methods are based on RNG and chance, which means that some players may get it much sooner than others. However, being prepared with materials and luck is all that can help the player obtain them.

Use research methods to gain merciless upgrades in V Rising

The first method that players can use to get merciless upgrades is to use research. This can be done inside the player fort In the research office. It works on the premise that every time the player completes a research in his research office, he will get a new recipe. Every time they win a recipe, there is a chance that the recipe will be one of the Merciless upgrade recipes.

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Studying can offer players greater rewards

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In addition, players can access the study for an additional opportunity to search for recipes. The study gives players access to much more powerful recipes and items, but it follows the same principles as the Research Office. Players who want to use the study will find that it costs more materials to use than the Research Desk.

The study will require players to have 75 rolls each time they run a hunt. In addition, the Research Office will need to have access to 50 papers each time they complete one research. However, the difference is notable, as the study significantly outperformed the Office of Research in terms of item levels. However, when players are just getting started, a research desk will be a very solid investment.

Gain merciless upgrades by killing monsters in V Rising

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The last way for players to get merciless upgrades in the game is to defeat the main monsters. Every time a boss monster is defeated, there is a chance for it Drops Special upgrade recipe for merciless player. Again, this process is highly dependent on RNG. However, by investing time, players will be on their way to unlocking powerful gear by following these steps in V Rising.

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