Italian tanker seized for environmental damage –

While Mare Doricum was doing the dying work, a crude oil spill occurred due to a tidal wave (9,800 km away!). Lima is asking for 34 million euros

Peruvian authorities have blocked Italian oil tanker “Murray Torigum” It is parked in the port of El Calao. The ship was at the center of an accident a few days ago: Tsunami caused by a volcanic eruption on the island of Tonga Arrived at the coast of Peru, 9,800 kilometers away. At that time “Mer Dorigam” was doing something Crude oil dying activities According to Peruvian officials, the tidal wave damaged a large oil slick, A marine reserve Is nearby. Equivalent About 6,000 barrels.

There was an accident at the plant “La Pambila” is owned by the Spanish company Repsol. Chairman of the Committee of Ministers Mirta Vasquez I remembered that Investigations are ongoing To determine the causes and responsibilities of pollution caused by the black wave, it affects the overall Three square kilometers of sea And the Peruvian coast. Vasquez, the owner of the oil tanker, said he would like to relinquish his post Fratelli D’Amigo Armory Company Spa, to be filed A deposit 150 million new souls (approx 34 million euros) For its part, Repsol has confirmed its full involvement in marine and coastal space control and clean-up operations, recalling that in its opinion the accident was caused by completely irregular and unpredictable circumstances.

The “Mere Toricum” leak occurred, among other things The struggle of environmental activists and fishermen A native of the Kalao area. Environmental impact on the one hand, and economic impact from the crude oil spill on the other Prevents fishing activities And the risk of killing marine life. Overall the eruption of the Tonga volcano resulted Death of three persons Release of gray cloud over small Pacific archipelago and covering islands. Only a few days later, rescuers from New Zealand and Australia were able to land in Tonga.

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January 21, 2022 (January 21, 2022 change | 20:56)

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