Jeremy Charlo’s fight against Brian Castano 2 results, highlights: Charlo becomes the undisputed champion with a villainous KO

The first fight between Jermel Charlow and Brian Castano was a thriller with an inconclusive outcome as the junior middleweight four-belt unification ended in a draw. The two returned to the game on Saturday night with the two men looking to make a statement. The two did just that as they both provided exciting moments in the ring before Charlo scored a knockout in the 10th round to become the undisputed king of the band.

The fight started late after Castano arrived late at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. With Jaron “Boots” Ennis handling the business in the combined advantage in just two rounds, Castano needed time to wrap his hands, work up a sweat and put on gloves.

If the delay in starting the fight had any effect on Charlo, it didn’t let it show. Charlo immediately showed some major tweaks in the July 2021 match with Castano, introducing a steady diet of punches and was less content with staying with his back to the ropes while Castano was moving forward.

Castano would eventually start to find success with his forward movement, landing on his right hand in an attempt to close off Charlo’s strike. As Castano found more success, Charlo responded with some heavy left hook counters and the action escalated dramatically with both men taking brutal powerful shots.

As the fight moved into the second half, Charlo’s movement took over the fight again. Castano was able to let his hands go with less success less frequently and Charlo began to visibly interfere in his attempt to make a left hook alter the fight.

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In the 10th round, that left hook finally came when Charlo’s shot resulted in Castano hitting the canvas with a late knockout. While Castano beat the count, Charlo lunged forward with a dashing rush to finish the fight, ending with a big cut and a left hook with the body. Charlo as a man who holds four world championships at a price of 154 pounds.

When asked about the delay in starting the fight, Charlo ignored the situation affecting him in any way.

“You know, I’m just getting in there in the fight,” said Charlo. “I don’t care who’s late. I don’t care who’s early. Once I get to this place, I have to get it.”

Charlo and Castano exchanged kind words after the fight, with Castano saying the difference between a draw and a knockout loss was simply “he beat me.”

Now with all four world titles at 154 pounds, Charlo suggested his future might be an attempt to do the same weight class.

“This is a legacy,” said Charlo. “This is a legendary thing. I’m a legend. Thank God. I didn’t do that doggy. I might move to 160 and see if I can do it again.”

There is one problem, however, with any potential middleweight acquisition, as Charlo’s twin brother Jermol holds the WBC World Championship at £160.

CBS Sports was with you all the way on Saturday, so be sure to catch up on live scores and highlights below.

Fight card, results

  • Jeremy Charlo (c) Dave. Brian Castano via TKO of the 10th round
  • Jaron Innes def. Costio Clayton By knockout in the second round
  • Kevin Gonzalez defeated. Emmanuel Rivera by unanimous decision (96-64, 97-93, 98-92)
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Charlo vs Castano 2 scorecard, live coverage

Charlotte 10 10 10 9 10 9 10 9 10 TKO 87
Castano 9 9 9 10 9 10 9 10 9 84

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