“Kiev’s blacklist. Maybe …” – Libero Codidiano

What is really going on in Ukraine? On Facebook and TV, Toni Capuozzo He has been thinking for weeks. In fact, given in previous years Crimea Is on DonbassSince 2014. Mediaset Journalist, Historical War Reporter and Editor-in-Chief of the show Land! On Channel 5, he was one of the first people to tell the news of his death on April 20 Valery Kuleshov“A well-known blogger a Gerson, Ukraine “. The man, Capuozzo explained on Facebook,” Executed in the style of a death squad. From the beginning of the war he talked about the daily lives of civilians. “Perhaps there is a suspicion that someone in Kiev did not like it.

So after 48 hours of silence, Kapuso returns to trial. “Except for one newspaper, I wondered why the Italian news did not even report the killing of Ukrainian blogger Valery Kuleshov. Well, It’s not Assange. Well, he is not Anglo-Saxon. Well, many are dying, innocent. Maybe it’s not even inside Kiev Block List, Myrovores (Peacemaker, go and see ….). Maybe it’s a detail beyond the music in the chorus. Maybe it’s not false news, it’s the same thing Ghost news. A magical message that is not news, is unworthy. It happened to him in Moscow, and it will happen just like what happened there Anna Politkovskaya, He will die with low sanity. Someone must have noticed “.

A few weeks ago, Kapusso split public opinion and politics over suspicions about Pucha’s assassination: Russian or Ukrainian descent? The journalist was not questioned about the assassination, but the Ukrainian military used the bodies for media propaganda purposes targeting Western countries.

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