Lions DL coach reveals junior site plans Aidan Hutchinson and Josh Paschal

The Detroit Lions They invested heavily in their defense during 2022 NFL Draftthe second overall pick eliminated Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan and 46th overall over Kentucky’s Josh Paschal.

In college, both players gained experience playing on both the left and right edges, as well as the treble technique, but their skill combinations suggest that they likely play slightly different roles from each other in the Lions’ defense scheme.

Last season the Lions used the 3-4-4 rule, but they have noticed on several occasions this season that they switch to the 4-2-5 look because it suits their players better. Now, which version of the 4-3 base they plan to use remains a mystery, and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has insisted the defense will remain multiple at its core, but there have been some indications of where the Defenders will play. this chapter.

But before we get to that, let’s discuss some of the basics of what 4-3 looks like.

Align 4-3 posts four defensive line men on the line of scrimmage. In a standard formation, two men on the inside lines line up at the 3 (3T) technique found in the gap between the offensive tackle and the goalkeeper. Edge attackers line up at the 7 (7T) technique, which is outside the offensive tackle.

There are 4-3 (or 4-2) variations, too. In the “4-3 Over” the left side of the line expands slightly to cover the narrow end and one of the 3Ts to tackle the nose (one technique) to better cover the gap. In a “4-3 under” the left side of the line is pinched in, with the 7T transitioning to a 5 style (aligning on the outside shoulder for an offensive tackle), the inside is flipped, and the narrow end is covered by the linebacker or safety. In the “Wide-9”, the interior uses two 3Ts and the edge thrusters are expanded from 7T technology to 9 technology.

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Here’s an example of the Lions in the “42 Over” look from Week 18 of the 2021 season

Note: For a deeper look at the roles in the 3-4 chart, see ESPN’s Matt Bowen article NFL 101: Defensive Front Basics 4-3since he wrote for Bleacher Report.

Well, now back to what this means for Lions in 2022.

After the draft, Todd Wash, the Black defensive line coach, had a chat with Detroit Lions columnist Mike O’Hara and the pair discussed How does the defense line of the rising lions team fit into the renewed defense (Note: The focus inside quotes is mine.)

“We had Hutchinson very high in the draft process,” Wash said to O’Hara. “We feel he was the most ready to play. We’ll put him in Impulse position in our base. Then he can play either side of the defense in the sub-pack. We changed a lot of our philosophy up front. It will make us more offensive. He’s got Ability to play any endpoint. “

At the 4-3 rule, the “lush mode” is usually on the weak side, or right side of the formation (the side where the tight end is not), a role similar to what Charles Harris played last season. In sub-beams, both edges typically become “scraping ends” which give coaches the freedom to move Hutchinson between both sides.

This will be familiar territory for Hutchinson (6ft-7, 260lbs), who saw 372 shots on the weak side and 385 on the strong side in 2021. It’s worth noting that Hutchinson will likely line up primarily on the right along with the Lions for two reasons : 1) This is where the teams put their most athletic strength, and 2) According to the draft guide to The Atheltic’s Dane Brugler (Subscription required), Hutchinson clocked the fastest “fit swim” time in the NFL Combine at 1.69 seconds.

Pa (6ft-2 .) 12, 268 lbs.) focuses his game on strength and first-step speed, rather than burning the edge. So Lions have a different plan in mind to make the best use of his skills.

“We’re going to play it at five (outside interference) at the base,” Washer said.

“We see him as likely to deal with it at some point,” Wash said. “Pascal is the guy who can play indoors and out. That triple-player can be disruptive if he’s old enough to handle it there. He has great flexibility.”

Washch essentially confirmed what several Lions writers had suggested after Pascal’s selection: if he could gain some positive weight, his skill set could make him a very unpleasant inner presence. If he needs to stay lighter, he has the potential to remain as a left defensive base – and in all likelihood, he will probably do all of that.

It’s still early days and we’ll still have to see the chart or beginners in person, but at this time, the EDGE depth chart will probably look like this.

Rush Edge:

  • Aidan Hutchinson
  • Charles Harris
  • Julian Okwara
  • James Houston
  • Jesse Lemonier

Base end (5T):

  • Romeo Okwara
  • Josh Paschall
  • Austin Bryant
  • Rashid Berry
  • Eric Banks

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